Hardly Any Time / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Hardly Any Time
pinstripe suits on pumped up hulks
fitting to the tee
geisha eyes on pancaked skin
gazing past you
spider webs of calculated deceit
biding their time
lion traps in ferocious jungles
snaring the cubs
life on fast forward mode
shutting no eye
so much to do with
hardly any time …
Her Entrails
It poured heavily that night
Streams of confessions
Soaking her entrails with salt
Splashing her wounds with rain
From fountains of fecund fertility
Jabbing viciously at horns of dilemma
Gushing gargoyles of grief
Grey like the horrific horizons
Cocooned in mists of desire
Catapulted to compelling heights
Soaring on kites of kaleidoscopes
Barren ,bestial bloated beyond recognition
Grovelling in quagmires of gumption
Hastening pell mell into screeching tunnels
Her frothing emotions bizarre
Copyright Lily Swarn 30.10.2016

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