Masterpiece / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali



It must have been an
Aurora of nascence
An incipiency of
and the light of the very first morning on earth….

In a misty twilight when
a finger impulsively
drew nearer to the
strand of pearls
around a goblet
of a
transculent neck
and broken was the eternal silence
as unstrung pearls broke free
shaking lose the cosmic consternation
And all the wine of
her goblet spilled over
the emptiness of earth…..

Awestruck were the eyes
of the beholders
Their thirsty lips licking with tongues of fire translucent droplets of blood red wine
Causing a such a dazzling eruption
of beauty
in constant manifestations…..

Life moves in its grace
in the body of
a shell leaving a pearl
of wisdom behind
it must have been love
that incensed
in ambrosial adoration
Lucently revealing
an ocean trembling
in a raindrop
on the tip of a leaf….

There are gardens
behind eyes and lips
leading to the source
of a spring from a body
made of red earth
And in the incandescent melody
of a morning breeze
you dipped your brush in
the bonanza of dawned colors
Spread on your palette
You looked at your subject
You created me with every stroke
and I am savoring the taste
of each colour in my garden…..

I am expanding the infinite
on both sides of time
With every move you make
While drawing
I am
Collecting those unstrung pearls
Threading them back into a
And with every fixatedly fetish
glance that you cast
An eternal drop of wine
spreads out from
My heart on its way …..

It must have been the intoxication of life
that created love to
stand erect from a supine body entering in that garden behind
the eyes
that created a masterpiece of
when all the colours of your palette spilled over the canvas
And the garden was enlivened to life
drinking the wine of love
you wear the strand of pearls around your goblet neck……….


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