Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary

Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary
Let us end our ego to treat fellow human beings with love and affection. It creates the situations of sorrow without better tomorrow.
Life is not a bundle of crises and dangers.It can be made a fountain of felicitous joy with our will . We should nurture right attitude towards life .Self -conceit is self -destructive. We should explore the possibilities of mending arrogant people in all walks of life . When our courtesy is treated with awful arrogance by the people with a jaundiced view of
self -signifucance we should shun such people to keep our self -respect. We should not stoop to consummate courtesy to treat self- seeking people with belligerant frame of mind.That is the only way out for the people of demeanour.
Let go of things fuelling your egoism
Implanting in your mind rank egotism
Wise men shun your whole presence
You need change with unusual.sense
You often belittle all images of others
When their caps receive rare feathers
Never envy others for their reputation
Probe yourself to know your limitation
Widen vision not to imprison your soul
Act with aplomb to win freedom whole
Never place your lofty spirit in bondage
With vicious passions robbing courage
All bards must employ wondrous words
flying into emotions like all blissful birds
Let us mend this world with noble vision
Defending humanity from further division
Those were the days of my boyhood
I relished rapture as nourishing food
Fun and frolic flourished in liveliness
With friendship prospered in fairness
Lively laughter received reverberation
As each moment turned a celebration.
Consummate cordiality was discerned
With all charming calm it was adorned
Naughtiness was all order of childhood
It was not a vice for it rendered all good
It certainly multiplied all our playfulness
All mischief was meant for cheerfulness
We spent each day as a delightful dream
The flow of fun continued its live stream
Some nights provided us with moonlight
Beams of delight were evident at a night
I reminisce my boyhood to relive my past
All the mirth I cherished most seems lost
In.these times we find rare glee in nothing
Momentous memories are often soothing
When tears of joy flow down the cheeks
Indicating evidently their intense streaks
Enormity of ecstasy familiar to the eyes
Melts into drops of joy where beauty lies
When.my heart leaps lovingly with delight
The mind gets itself seized with the .sight
Rapture translates itself into the rhapsody
Portraying its stature in picture of prosody
My heartiness sparkles with all splendour
Fuelling in my mind all chuckles of wonder
Those ripples in the stream of my fair heart
Stay swaying in all twirly whirls in each part
My spirit overflows with all marvellous mirth
Savouring the real nectar.of my glorious birth
Each moment can make mirthful monument
If we look on life as a momentous movement
Each life in the world conveys a vital message
Representing.its distinctive form in all.verbiage
Silence is the striking splendour of all cordiality
Speech goes on simulating.silence’s tranquility

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