Poems by Merlyn Joseph

Poems by Merlyn Joseph
Touch is the most
Important feeling –
Touch with love,
Touch with a hug –
Touch with words,
Touch with smiles –
Touch with emotions,
Touch with kindness –
Touch with gestures,
Touch with absence –
Touch with solitude!
Sometimes a touch received
Makes you craving for more –
Give a delicate fragile touch,
Give unspoken pleasures.
With just a simple touch –
Touch and be touched
In short keep in touch!
Just want to remain silent and
Enjoy the evening at the beach.
The sea bathed in a vermilion green –
Wanna lie down on the sandy shore.
Listen to the angry roaring waves;
Watch the beautiful sunset –
As the hues of orange burst !
Feel the gentle autumn breeze –
Softly brushing against my skin;
Wave passionately at the birds –
Flocking to their nests in a hurry .
Some nocturnal birds waking up
Active and flying from their nests
Why do you say you feel lonely?
Why do you say you feel bored –
When nature has given so much ?
A different art displayed everyday –
With a palette full of vibrant colours !
Creating a serene and tranquil scene;
Get drenched in the beauty of sunset –
Cherish and reminisce every moment .
Aren’t these the best things in life?
Hey honey !
Is it surprising –
Isn’t it nice darling
What are you looking?
Dry beans is soaking,
Need to do a pudding
And also some baking.
How about you helping ?
I know you hate waiting.
O why keep on staring ?
Help me with washing,
Cutting and chopping –
While I do the fusing,
Licking and tasting –
I see you drooling!
See I’m creating
The best plating
And a garnishing,
For the presenting.
You will be enjoying !
So don’t be creeping –
Oh I see you weeping !
Dear aren’t you relishing ?
You better be eating –
Cos I did the cooking!

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