Jyotirmaya Thakur

Jyotirmaya Thakur
Jyotirmaya Thakur is a retired vice principal of an international school. She is a bilingual poetess and writer. A teacher , academician, administrator , consultant , trainer , coach and counsellor of three charity organisations in India and epileptic society of children in Uk. She has won many awards from different poetry forums national and international.Recently a gold award and international certificate of enchanting muse in Hyderabad Pentasi poetry festival. Many poems have been published on international website of Belgium, Italy,Albania , Iraq , Germany , Philippines, UK ,USA and India. A creative writer for ‘Poet’s Choice ‘forum and Co-editor in ‘My Books Publications ‘. Admin of 12 poetic forums and member of jury for 7 poetry forum contests.Chief moderator of Telangana Poetry Forum. A widely travelled person and in love with all cultures of the world.
I solemnly declare that these poems are original and my creative writing .I have no objection in their being published in your Anthology.
I gaze at dusk in the crimson hues ,
Cluster of birds mesmerizing views ,
How do these birds chart the same course?
Towards the horizon without GPS source.
At times I spot a solitary bird ,
Breaking away from the flock ,
The naughty one showing bravado,
Perhaps a slow flier left behind stock.
As I watch birds fly in aerodynamic pattern ,
Into the oblivion questioning existence,
I am jolted out of my complacence,
I realise bitterly life’s transience.
There is another home waiting for mortals,
Birds carry twigs,food for fledgling morsels,
Somewhere away in an astral form moral ,
We will carry our karma divine incarnation.
I never tire of beholding feather species ,
Dusk retreat to night impels me to think ,
Like arboreal creatures we need to leave ,
Our earthly dwelling with ease and peace.
Dawn and dusk are messages of universe,
In an ephemeral proud presumed permanence,
Our joys and sorrows are just impressions,
Nothing is permanent as we perceive.
From sunrise to sunshine setting,
Every moment needs full presence,
Utterly fleeting arrivals awaiting,
Cherish aligned different experience.
The morning in a balcony tasteful cover,
Varied flora enrich vigorous vibrancy,
Rays of heaven lovingly caress,
Sleepy creepers silent greenery.
Nature is adequate to refresh all ,
Magical potential enchanted call ,
Someone up there in vast azure,
Bless us with warm light showers.
Sometimes clouds screen the agile sun ,
Behind cloudy veils it’s presence,
Patiently waiting for time of assertion,
Game of hide and seek amusing sense.
The sun and cloud enact the game of life,
With its up and down,rise and fall ,
Eventually life gains triumphs in strife,
As clouds disperse light stands tall.
Watching the sun setting sipping my tea,
On the balcony is a daily routine,
As crimson hued evening bids farewell,
It wistfully takes away something of me.
I have been walking in the dark ,
For quite some time drifting afar ,
On long and winding road stark,
Down unfamiliar paths for stars.
Under dewy hazy foggy sky ,
A vague notion my wings tied ,
Bound by some magic spell evil ,
Wander in meandering lanes feeble.
The journey didn’t seem to end anywhere,
Hesitant steps off to slightest trails ,
Tempted on adventures somewhere,
Distant horizon vanishing affairs.
Each call in search of truth guided,
The spirit to take flights forward,
Travelling to end of earth misguided,
Brought me back to my roots backward.
In my own arms lay the miracle,
Deep down in my soul surrender,
In little things love quietly encircle,
Simply no words describe just wonder.

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