Poems by Neelam Malik

Poems by Neelam Malik


Eternal Music

Music from the eternal lands
Sings in the inner vibes
Humming and enchanting
Makes my heart fill with pride
Delving into deeper cores
A silent melodic sonar is born
Grasping the entire being
Merging with the eternal beams
I lost the vicinity and divinity flows
Demarcation diminishes
Thou hast touched my soul
Enlightens the corporal form
Merging with the Infinite
My zealous eyes calms the quenching.


I am a free soul

Unflinchingly frames
My viewpoint and my pen
Moulds the literary grace
Personal space belongs to my soul
To my WHOLE,my Omnipotent
I cannot be a freak sojourner
Pressures l neglect always
Genuine gratitude for perennial power
Mountains cannot block my ways
Always remember–l am a free soul.


Gratitude __My Gracias

Away from the mundane pourings
My desire to engulf THY Compassion and Truth
A haven of the brics of divine love and mercy
THY presence makes me survive
Gratitude my Lord, I shine in THY name
Murky dungeons crushed forever
Sombre sighs mo more
THY blessings pour like a river full of chandeliers
THOU art my real passion
Your love makes me a hungry heart
To grasp more and more
The precious nectar
The ecstatic glories
The orchards of fruition
All mine
I am that peaceful soul
O Light!
I love THY fountains of ethereal elements.



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