Poets carve in the sky ( Dedicated to: Cav Silvano Bortolazzi, Dr Jernail S Aanand, Agron Shele, Cijo Joseph Chennelil ) / By: Ade Caparas

Poets carve in the sky

( Dedicated to: Cav Silvano Bortolazzi, Dr Jernail S Aanand, Agron Shele, Cijo Joseph Chennelil ) 

By: Ade Caparas

droplets ripples droplets
vogue alternating beats
waves wind clouds
pyrouette dancing
paint the sky
language extravagances…
dreams of WUP President/Founder, Silvano Bortolazzi and
Philosophique Poética President/ Founder, Dr Jernail S Anand
carves Love and Peace poetries


“what is joy? what is happiness?”

our main aim in life is joy pleasure happiness! _people will always always be in various shapes; physical economic spiritual psychological philosophical, so that to enforce equality , will never never never happen _joy pleasure happiness is relative, subjective… learn learn to appreciate what you have, whatever is before you, make paradise out of it… this is the secret of joy happiness… in this category i have special mention, poets Agron Shele and Cijo Joseph Chennelil. _ade caparas manilah sydney 2017


Silvano Bortolazzi’s “AN ICON OF LITERATURE”

Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic

“No one is powerful and rich as a little free man” “Everything is relative in the life” (true story): “The anorexic doctor told him that he was obese while the obese doctor told him that he was fit” – “Tutto è relativo nella vita” (storia vera): “Il medico anoressico gli disse che era obeso mentre il medico obeso gli disse che era in forma” _CavalierAL Merito Della Repubblica Italiana Per La Poesa Silvan Bortolazzi

Cav Silvano Bortolazzi is an icon of 21st century literature, young brilliant unmarried, he is the only poet who can claim to have marshalled thousands of poet around the world… grouped as one, each country represented by its assigned/elected president, by Cav Silvano Bortolazzi… The World Union Of Poets and Unione Mondiale Dei Poeti, Italy, being the centre base. Never in the history of poets, have they been able to reach such international magnitude of readers through social media, FB… definitely we owe it to the original, organised vision and hardwork of Silvano, who has done it himself, with no one to assist him. Our deepest congratulations SILVANO BORTOLAZZI, you are a poet of rare distinction. _ACM sydney 2017

“Message for the poets members of the World Union of Poets (strange facts really happened)” I’m just reporting what happened: Immediately after asking God, in prayer, whether it was right or not to devote my existence to the acquisition of wisdom, to the detriment of my work, in order to help culture and peace on Earth, from my shelves a book fell, which has opened on this phrase: “Only those who dedicate themselves to the achievement of wisdom make good use of their time and are the only ones who truly live because they not only spend their lives well but they also add the eternity: in fact, in addition to the years they have lived firsthand also acquire, as heritage, all the time before their birth. ” (SENECA)

A Divine Message

The next day I still asked, in prayer, to God if it was right to live with deprivations for the completion of the mission of the World Union of Poets and immediately on my computer is appeared a video, not sought, that said: “God is never mistaken, and if He deprives us of anything He does it only to help us or to make us reach a certain goal”. (from the book of Samuele)


* * *

“Messaggio per i poeti membri dell’Unione Mondiale dei Poeti (fatti strani realmente accaduti)” – Mi limito a riportare l’accaduto:

Subito dopo aver domandato a Dio, in preghiera, se fosse stato giusto o no dedicare la mia esistenza all’acquisizione della saggezza, a discapito del mio lavoro, al fine di aiutare la cultura e la pace sulla Terra, dalle mie mensole è immediatamente caduto un libro, a me non noto, che si è aperto su questa frase:

“Solo quelli che si dedicano al conseguimento della saggezza fanno buon uso del loro tempo e sono gli unici che vivono veramente perchè non solo spendono bene la propria vita ma vi aggungono pure l’eternità: infatti oltre agli anni vissuti in prima persona acquisiscono anche, come patrimonio ereditario, tutto il tempo passato prima della loro nascita”. (SENECA)

Il giorno seguente ho domandato ancora, in preghiera, a Dio se fosse stato giusto vivere di privazioni per il completamento missione dell’Unione Mondiale dei Poeti e immediatamente sul mio computer è apparso un video, non ricercato, che diceva:

“Dio non si sbaglia mai e se ci priva di qualche cosa lo fa solo per aiutarci o per farci raggiungere una determinata meta”. (dal libro di Samuele).




Dr Jernail S Aanand, OF INDIA, dubbed as the Khalil Gibran, comparing Jernail’s critical essay book, ‘Creative Consciousness’ to that of Khalil Gibran’s “The Prophet”

His Theory of Relativity, is currently a subject of international students research; “Every object has a subject, a verb and and object as a result of which universe keeps itself into perpetual movement. In other words, no action or object is isolated or unconnected. One thing emerges out of the other so that.. what is happening is like a rope which has no origin and no visible ending. On this rope of time we see men women animals birds seas deserts pulled forward in a unipolar irresistible movement forward.”

There are many good poets, but the first to capture the total enthusiasm of international Fb readers is Dr Jernail S Aanand, who has published outstanding books for literary consumptions… thousand of philosophical poetries, essays, journals, interviews, discourses, which are discussed, read, researched in various media: news, Tv, UTube, universities and colleges. Jernail’s versatility as a contemporary poet, weaves words into poetic language like a flowing gentle wind, a whirling wind, a violent wind, ahhhhhhhhh… the sensual ecstatic lines of love, peace, anger, greed, lust. envy, longing, politics, relationships… and jests! For me to write about his works, awards and achievements, it would involve volumes of books, i’ll just whisper here his secret: his ‘it’ lies in his very accomodating charitable kind heart, and his endless hardworking mania, plus owning a pair of sexy eyes… aha aba aha!!! A real asset to INDIA! I admire i respect i value your friendship, Dr Jernail S

Anand! _ACM sydney 2017


He loved me
as I stood outside him
and wanted to colonize me
Body mind and soul
wanted his empire
over my everywhere
He wanted me to be like a shirt
which matches with his sinews
and a pleasant dream
which melts in his bed every night
and morning again
rises to its height

I was made for him; a truth
He was made for me; A half truth
He wanted me
for his bed for his kids
and for the moments
When the days light steals away
The cares of man

I once just said, “I think”
His eyes transfixed at me
it was a heresy in the holy domains of love
Mind..? The lady…?
And it spoiled the show

Now I do not melt in his bed
A thinking body…?
A scheming soul…?
Once he accused me
The world now appears to be torn
into two
and we are not two but too many;
Broken apart
From the seemingly single whole.



Are you the same god
who supervised the great war of Troy?
And the same helpless god
who could not avert
tragedies as the Titan

How drained of meaning
are the words like
omniscient, omnipresent
and ever kind
renounced Kapilvastu
to know

Why if you were so powerful
you could not do anything
For the suffering;
and if you were kind
how could you tolerate
such misery?

Even today
the questions stay;
and people find you in mortal decay;
You are trapped and locked in holy books
from where
you never venture out
to see your own people
turned bastards

They wear your masks
but serve the devil;
and you look at their devilish deeds
with helpless eyes

I wonder if this is your world;
you did create it
but now,
the fallen angel rises with every morn
and has his sway
while you are kept consigned
in a prison,
devised by your fans AAHAAHAHAAH…


Agron Shele was born in October 7th, 1972, in the Village of Leskaj, city of Permet. Is the author of the following literary works: “The Steps of Clara” (Novel), “Beyond a grey curtain” (Novel), “Wrong Image” (Novel) , “Innocent Passage” (Poetry) and “Ese -I ” . Mr. Shele is also the coordinator of International Anthologies: “Open Lane- 1,” “Pegasiada and Open Lane- 2,” is a member of the Albanian Association of Writers, member of the World Writers Association, in Ohio, United States, and the coordinator of the International Poetical Galaxy “Atunis”. He is published in many newspapers, national and international magazines, as well as published in many global anthologies: Almanac 2008, World Poetry Yearbook 2009, 2013, The Second Genesis -2013, etc. Currently Resides in Belgium and continues to dedicate his time and efforts in publishing literary works with universal values. Has been an active member of the civil society in Albania while receiving training from USAID, UNDP, UNICEF. Is the chairman of the Societies “Environment and Community” and “Children and youngsters”. Is the recipient of various literary prices in Albania.

A well accomplished acclaimed literary figure yet that silhouette of utmost simplicity and humility can be traced felt seen through his works. I have never met Agron in person, but gauging his ways manners of language through written communications and how he renders and treats the works of other writers/poets, i can crystallised a pure thought heart soul and spirit, rarely can be solidly found in a man of such calibre . His work renderings are so meticulously perfect in every angle, in size colour shape volume. My SALUDO MATE!!!

He is continuously promoting the works of other writers/poets in his blogs and journals, “Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS” and anyone who gets published by him is sure to be lined amongst the best…surely, one can hardly meet a man of such unselfish nature, that exist in this high technical modern era, where everyone is racing each other to an ugly ‘crab mentality’ dragnet!

We hope to raise new generations of men and women of your specie Poet/Writer Agron Shele… Merci Beaucoup!!1 _ACM sydney 2017

My dreams are there

My dreams are there,
Just like thousands of icebergs in an endless ocean.
Mind penetrates all the way flying,
In other skies, trips “endless”.

My dreams are there,
In spring skies, with many stars
Pieces of feelings crumble a soul
And turned magic into a cloth.

My dreams are there,
Just like light whitening, in sun rise.
With longing of autumn in a chest
And …points of rain – sorrow.

My dreams are there
Over rainbow arches, colors of thoughts;
A white day, hope and happiness,
Trenches are twisted, poetry rebellion.

My dreams are there
Formatted in a great feeling…
A view thrown in a dark sky
Breathing margins – a statue shape.


Autumn in Tirana

In Tirana that is lost in water creeks,
Through extended water drips in the windows of crystals,
In the abandoned benches from all this unrest
In the naked trees all the way to forgiveness.

Even its returning tears of meditation instants,
Forgotten old romances in memory,
Returning painfully in the soft spirits
Yellow paper, of my diary.

In Tirana of the earlier steps,
Of a bench that is always naked with green flowers,
Of the last glass dropped through ridges
Pieces of lips, skies of love

And longing for passed times,
For the deeming of light in the white soul,
For the life thrown away through angles of reflections,
For the abandoned leaves from all this demise.

And traces in every heart beat
For her…for someone…for love,
Of after times that are knocked in so much noise
…and of autumn, e melancholic pentagram.


Cijo Joseph Chennelil, a poet/writer/professor, a critical analyst par excellant… was born on 28th October 1979 in a small scenic village named Kuravilangad situated in Kottayam District of Kerala, the son of C.T.Joseph and Marykutty… as a boy he was drawn towards nature and its surroundings, his schooling completed in the village school, St.Mary’s Boy’s High School Kuravilangad; became an aspirant to priesthood and joined in Society of Jesus congregation based in Gujarat, where many of his humanistic ideas and ideals were formed in this religious congregation, shaped and moulded by the Jusuites. After a short stint in that congregation, he went back to Kerala and did his PDC privately which was a period in which he got plenty of time for reading. After the completion of Plus2. he did his degree from Deva Matha College Kuravilangad… becoming a total bookworm… all his interest were but reading and writing in English, many of which still hidden in his suitcase, which he never bothered to show to anybody. He passed the degree with First Class scoring, second highest mark in the college. After the completion of his Degree he did his PG Degree from School of Letters, Mahatma Gandhi University College, interacted with many towering literary figures within the precincts of this great institution of learning. Finished his PG Degree with First Rank… then went for his PG Degree, BEd from St Joseph Training College Mannanam which inculcated the teaching aptitude within him. He started his teaching career in Punjab and then worked VNR school cum college situated in Hyderabad… after, he came back to Kerala, pursued his teaching career in Al Jamia Al Islamia Santhapuram; joined Kristu College of Management and Technology and have been working there for the last 4years. He has published around 20 articles in ISSN and ISBN oriented journals and since last November he started to publish his writings and poems in his FB account.

Here is another man, equipped with such literary talent, whose distinguishing asset is his simplicity and humility. He has, above class or group distinction, tremendously motivated, inspired many poets by delicately scrutinising the substance of their poetries, then publish those on on his Philosophique portal, “Pp-Critical Analysis” ! An example of another modern 21st century mankind’s rarity… ahhhhhhhhh… with this modern age of selfishness, greed, envy, pride, and lust!!! Congratulations Cijo!! _ACM sydney 2017

Migrant Labourers

They are the backbones of
An economy adrift of
Real infusion of fresh
Bloods and hands.

They are the harbingers
Of economic prosperity,
Contentment and satisfaction to
An ageing population.

They are the forgotten
Humanity propping
Up an economy on a

They are the intellectuals of
The intellectuals and inventors
Of the inventors of the
Western hemisphere.

But they are rounded up now and
Accorded treatment of the
Poisonous category
All the ways.


First Night

Throbbing hearts
Palpitating minds
Trying to do the
Essentials and the fundamentals.

The intermittent emotions
Travelling to reach their
Emotional glory within
The parameters of love.

Two to tango
To build up a happy family
The basic unit of
The social framework.

The emotional cords are
Struck and the marriage
Is consummated to arrive its
Beautiful pathway.


The two souls are united

In union to lead a
Joyous life having full of
Promises and challenges.

The cloud formations
In the yonder sky take
Place in the fast moving circles
To ensure the onset of rains.

Still there is no certainty
For their advent into
The parched lands because at the 11th hour
winds act as a villains.

The clouds are tossed about
And chased away to
To be dispersed to the
Clandestine champagne champers.

Once they fall on the ground
Breaking through all conceivable
Barriers, they register their presence
With thundery showers.

In torrents they come with
Much fury like an ethical man
Being angry about unethical
Ways of the society.

Once the downpours start
All the doubts are laid to rest
And the world is put into
The parameters of relief and ease.



A creaking reality
For some and rusty
Emotion for others
And subdued one for yet others.

But still its march to
Greatness is not exhausted
It stands as a lighthouse bestowing
Directions to turbulent lovers.

It has a momentum of
Its own when initiated
Spontaneously without
Major promptings.

It is not a stage-managed
Affair because once sparked
It remains unextinguished
And unrivalled.

The banner of peace
It rises, appears to be a
Banner of revolt to
Many closed minds untouched by love.


Ade Caparas

ade caparas manilah, a.k.a. Maelan Koi, ade c., Gandah Manilah, Ade Caparas Orosa, samada… i use these many pen names… all legally my own name, and hide nothing, why? i am an artist/designer, i follow my moods. I am professionally an ‘avant garde’ interior designer, during the height of the 70s 80s, 90s a 30-year of fantastic designing life, where i have had my share of full comfortable beautiful luxurious life, one could ever dream of… and now at age 83, retired to just writing poetries, enjoying it in more simple comfort, extremely happy looking healthy, youngish not looking more than 53 age old, [hahahahahah]… hip bone accident 2012, broken ribs 2017, but licked them all out. My GP said, “Ade, don’t worry about any illness anymore, you have frightened them all !!!”…

i am an

* Accounting Major, Business Administration… University of the East, Manila P.I.

Real estate appraiser ………………………………..America Society of Appraiser
Letters & Philosophy…………………………………Dela Salle University Manila
Jewellery Designer …………………………………Sydney Institute Of Technology
Interior Designer …………………………………Enmore College of Arts Sydney
Creative Writing ………………………………….Macquarie University
studied Desk Top Publishing, Cosmetology, Child Care, my thirst for knowledge never ends…

all my wish now, is to motivate, inspire the youth on literature, sway them away from drugs hopefully help them find their own space under the sun.

“knowing i have sieged ME”

materialism has taken over the world… by the i haves
the kill or die, of the i don’t haves… an epidemic of lost souls…
tell me, am i still human… am i now a material being… a stone a rock a pebble?
can i still be revive, is it too late… ahhhhhhhhh… nothing is too late,
death comes only when i wish to… even a dying shrub… with water,
can be brought back to a flourishing foliages
everyone shouts howls cries of injustice yet it seems like an advertisement
no one buys, no one siege the rotting roots, all busy noting the rise and fall of
the stock exchange, the Famas Awards, the colour of their hair,
ouch, the latest iPhone model!

my Present, a passing steam, a mist, a shooting star
running away at every passing seconds,
i frame my beautiful Yesterday, which lays a joyful smile on my lips upon my death, Tomorrow… i fantasize a smashing Soon, though my thoughts tract the my Was,
which peeped a second of my is, a passing ray towards my lingering my Was
so i paint a happy Is… to frame my Was’s memories
i shall face my Tomorrow; my death
then my beautiful Was shall hold me a smile
knowing i have sieged me!

_ade caparas manilah sydney 2017

END [ friday 3:49pm 10 november 2017 sydney nsw australia]



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