Poems by Gayatree G. Lahon

Poems by Gayatree G. Lahon
I Wish I Were A Tree
I wish I were a tree
How easily I could drop
Whatever dies in me
Green leaves that turn yellow and fall
In obedience to the seasonal twist
Let go of all pains
In a reverie of future days
I wish I could fall like leaves
To shun fretting desires
In a heavy fall of tearful sighs
I don’t know how to anticipate spring
Only my burdened heart
I wish the cool breeze sways away
Or I wish an autumnal shower
To wash away lifeless doldrums
And nestled dust in corners of heart
Let all my particles of rust fall apart
Shunning vulnerable weaknesses
Like the hopeful bare branches
My limbs hope to restore strength
To rise with new vigour
To nature I owe myself
And surrender to time incarnate
To be healed or reanimated
Silence Speaks
My utterances never go taciturn
When I gaze at the star strewn sky
With silent smiles they twinkle
Rhyming with my sparkling eyes
Nothing to hold back, nothing to hide
Solitary whims only to confide
Leaves of trees that flutter
in the slightest breeze
Listen to me dearly with green smiles
Never they give vacant expression
As humans often wear
Tender drops of rain fall gently
On feelings that I try to hide
Rejuvenates me
Washing away lifeless doldrums
In a world where words convey
cryptic messages
I reciprocate freely
To the sky, to the wind
They sing a song only for me
Silence is not always silent
Silence speaks, silence leads ..
The serene night flows gently
Meandering through the silent beads
of moments , cradled by darkness
Luscious breathes rest peacefully
Detached from pent up expectations
Eyes soak in bliss in the sanctuary of dreams Faraway from confined destinations
Free from the grip of worry and anxiety
Gaze slipped away from the resolute terminus
Reclines in the oasis of peaceful sleep
In the loving embrace of the night
©® Gayatree G Lahon
All rights reserved

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