Poems by Ayub Khawar / Translated by Muhammad Shanazar

Poems by Ayub Khawar


A Poem For Two Times

A love brimming day,
To be blossomed in your lap,
Descends upon my agile lashes,
Dissolves in your cologne,
Then binding me in the cords of veins,
Brings me at the threshold of your speaking beauty,
And then very gently,
Fades out like the pulsation of heart
A love brimming day.

A day devoid of love,
Falls in the wilderness of soul like a yellow dry leave,
Binding me with the cords of veins,
Brings me to the refuting mirror-house,
Of your frozen ruthless beauty,
Passing through the icy moments,
Stays for a while in the shade of my heart
Then very gently,
Each day devoid of love vanishes,
Like pulsation of the heart.


A Discourse With A Mirror

What have you whispered that the wind blushes
In the colour of (1)gulal,
Listen a while!
This reaction is of whose dream-laden knocks
That all around are adorned mirrors,
Who came and paused
Beside beats of the heart.
What happened that the colour
Of my eye-sight has changed?
What have you whispered?
That I forgot my own entity

I was asleep when your voice
Made me awake from the deep slumber.
How did you manage
The meeting with my own self?
What happened?
Where have led us these matters
Of eyes and hearts?
What happened?
Why has the sparkle of my giggles
Spread over the sphere?
Where ever I place my steps
Nothing is there
But the colours of spring.
Who has overshadowed my heart
Like a springtide,
In this hide and seek of light and shade
In the velvety green sphere,
What have you whispered that the wind blushes?
In the colour of gulal.

(1)Gulal: colour of rose


Translated by Muhammad Shanazar
All rights reserved


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