Poems by Fakhira Batool

Poems by Fakhira Batool
“Written on Mother Day”
She beholds yellow faces of her kids,
Sometime she caresses them,
Sometime she traces in their eyes
Deep hunger, and thinks
She couldn’t impart them any pleasure,
She couldn’t afford the life,
The home is sans contents of food,
She couldn’t pay bills of utilities,
The kids have been struck off from the school,
They only look at an empty railway track,
Perhaps the time of arrival of the train is near,
At that moment
She detaches them her from her bosoms,
And kisses them for the last time,
And softly she tells them
“The world we are going to, there is bountiful to eat”.
The train comes and then goes away,
The spot where mother and the kids sat,
There is nothing, only a few scattered bits,
An empty satchel and shreds of motherhood,
There remains nothing behind.
Misfortune Of Our Society
The mother spreads an empty edge of her blouse,
And begs her daughter sweepingly,
“Just render a little sacrifice for the sake of your dear brother,
For the sake of his life,
Bestow to his eyes some flowering seasons,
And some glittering stars,
My daughter submit to me,
You will have to say “Yes”
In front of the assembly of arbitrators,
You will have to save the crest of your father,
From the downcast, else
Three funerals will be led from this house to the graveyard,
I plead you,
Put off all dreams of your eyes,
And put on fire the longings of your heart”.
Kashmir: a tribute of love
Calamity, atrocities of the savage moments,
Tales written in blood,
Complaints wrapped around the bodies,
And mutinies infused into the network of all channels of blood.
Kashmir: a tribute of love,
Calamity, atrocities of the savage moments,
See them who wear dust on their heads,
Those who pick shards of honour with the phalanges of heart,
Those who weave the fabric of dreams with the lashes
And then rend it by themselves,
They compose the remaining breaths by scattering their own beings,
There might be someone of their own in the world
But where is he?
Where is the home that may shelter them?
Kashmir: a tribute of love,
Calamity, atrocities of the savage moments,
The sun ascending in the sky is witness,
Winds weep listing to the wailings of mothers
Those who weep and wail and go through life sighing,
Placing dead bodies of their sons in front
Erect wall on the earth.
Kashmir: a tribute of love,
Calamity, atrocities of the savage moments,
But the moment is not afar
We have faith beams of the sun will prevail all around,
Those who are robbed, those who are devastated
Their heads will bear the crown of delights,
The wolves in sheep clothing will be exposed,
On the gesturers of whose eyebrows death danced
And they had daggers concealed in their sleeves
Lo! The day of their accountability has encroached
And now they are destined to be exposed.
Friend! I Have Dreamt A Dream
My friend!
I have dreamt a dream,
Pray to God,
So that it may turn into reality,
Pray to God,
So that Henna may make the hands fragrant,
And wrist may wear a bracelet,
And like a chain,
This Anchal may lengthen itself to caress my feet,
It be saved in a painting,
And so on I may become an asset of an orphan, and he my fate,
And if a crow caws on the edge I may become alert,
My eyes remain gazing at the threshold,
And when I see the mirror, I may become shy of myself,
Pray to God,
There pipers may blow forth pipes all around,
And my friends tease me lovingly,
And hum all around songs on the cadence of my heart,
And it may go out of my control,
The ornament on my forehead may dazzle the sun,
And my anchal may become a thin bridal gauze.
My friend!
I have dreamt a dream,
Pray to God that it may change into reality.

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