Poems by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Poems by Vatsala Radhakeesoon
Whenever I Need You
In nature
On mobile
On T.V
On radio
Whenever I need you
You are always there
O Music!
You have worked hard
to innovate your artistry
in evolving societies
From generation to generation
you have outshone
in the realm of sensitivity
By being true to your creativity
You have maintained unfailing dignity
O Music!
Whenever I wish to rest
my head on the pillow
of deep feelings
in my life, your power
genuinely manifests
Pain, joy, revolt, protest –
all complex emotions, all needs
purge within you
and in my heart
the undying light of faith,
hope and rights
sparkle with colours
all fiery-bright.
Breaking Up
It has hit me again –
fake, selfish, cruel love
Un amour sans demain
A quoi ça sert ton faux refrain?
Swirling in your chaos of egos
vilifying your ex all the time
You play the victim
and lull me into
your unpractical dream
I know you flutter
from girlfriend to girlfriend
but you pretend I’m the only one
I know
for you I’m merely
an alternative
like so many
So , Friend
I forgive you
but I’m breaking up
with you
With Music and Poetry
as sincere companions
for eons I can survive
in the peaceful uniqueness
of the sea of artistic creation.

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