Poems by Anila Erindi

Poems by Anila Erindi


You are the sun

You are the sun
Shining in my life,
You are the air
Breathing my soul,
You are the light
Keeping me alive,
You are the heart
Feeding me love.
You are the rain
Falling from the sunny sky,
You are the music
Tendering my soul,
You are the tear drop
Turning to love,
You are the green scenery
Giving me hope,
You are my endless
Reason to love….



…. days walking silently ,
You are walking along too,
Why don’t you stop by,
The air is suffocating me,
Don’t you see,
How much I miss you…



Your skin is milk chocolate coating,
Your inside coffee crisp layered,
Your centre is marshmallow filled,
Your blood is chamomile tea honeyed…

… her words that lift my soul.


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