Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Sun Rays
They don’t come to light the world
Those orange flames of a kindling fire
They leap and dance
Prance and pirouette
Their glee is for themselves
Bathed in their own Aura
Clad in their own inferno
Burning in their own hell
They bring a lamp for us
Harbingers of a new morn
Setting up a fresh cock a doodle doo
Awakening the early birds
And putting mothers in a tizzy
It’s time to pack off the little fellows to school
To cook a meal
To set up the tea pot
To braid the girl’s hair
To nuzzle a lazy child
To snuggle one last time !
The newspaper boy still bleary eyed
Throwing and flinging like a zombie
The teenage girl who looks after a well heeled household
Rushes out in a tearing hurry
She hates the abuses and sniggers that come her way
If she is late for work
Empty stomach she walks at breakneck speed
Terrified of the snarling street dogs
The sight of the peeping tom sun
Barely a few minutes old cheers up her heart
Her dupatta ( scarf ) slips off her muddled head
She doesn’t care for there is no Romeo in the streets as yet !
The blood red roses on the bush outside my window
Daintily shake off the dewdrops
They smile at the smog coated sun
And whisper a romantic ditty
Roses know they are special
For they all come with their share of thorns
Wintry dawns are what they love
For the world recognises the magic of their crimson visage
The beggar across the street yawns uninhibitedly
Scratching his bony arms
He shuffles for his first smoke of the day
Who cares if there is no food ?
Love he lost already and fresh air is no longer there
He decides to sit outside the temple
Purse strings are easier to loosen there
The sun is itching to break the haze of dust
He a valiant soldier
Lies in his own life blood
To infuse the world with sunshine
Sunny days on November mornings
Is just what the doctor ordered !
Copyright Lily Swarn 13.11.2017
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Lily Swarn heeft een nieuwe foto toegevoegd.
Lily Swarn
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is best your photo
Happy Children’s Day !
Ah !To be a child again
Without any bias
No grudges or racist thoughts
Simply smiling when I feel like Or gurgling with chortling laughter
Letting out a scream of pain
And tearing out my lungs with cries of distress
Eating only what I want to
And wearing my mama’s oversized shoes
Gaping open mouthed at the clown across the street
Holding on to fingers when I can’t cross the road
Hiding my face in my palms when scary visions haunt
Drawing large squiggles on paper
And tearing the ghastly toy to shreds
Loving my yellow haired dolly to bits
And popping buttons in my mouth
Hitting my head on the floor when no one listens to me
Banging spoons on tumblers to let out my steam
Hugging those I love with repeated warm hugs
Clutching on to pebbles that remind me of you
Ah ! to be a child again on
Happy Children’s Day
A faint smile wriggles then creeps onto my lips
Like a thief crawling stealthily
To colour me with its luminosity
I let it come
This muscle relaxant
Illuminating the mind with its radiance
How complex the human machine is
Wetting cheeks one day
Letting in the sunshine the next
Myriad emotions bubbling and frothing
Showering me with their fragrance.

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