At OSMANIA UNIVERSITY-Hyderabad (2) / By: George Onsy



By: George Onsy

Dear friends, I’d like to share with you my delightful experience of proposing and discussing my visualized structural analysis with Dr. Charda, Prof. of Fiction at her wonderful doctorate degree lecture, English Literature Dept., at the great Osmania University, Oct 20, 2017. A future seminar on this study is underway to be presented there in cordination with the dept. chairman.
This appoach is very important for:


1- Visualizing the proporionality and esthetical balance of literary works not only novels and plays but also poetry for appreciation, criticism, evaluation and in-depty studies.
2- Developing any creative work to the degree of enhancing their capability to convey and influence constructive messages, our today world’s badly needed peace and anti-violence message in particular.
3- Accurately and measurably detecting any negative compaign intended to implant destructive ideas and practices into their target audiences.


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