ODDYSSEUS / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand



I am interested in achieving heights of glory
my eyes fixed at tops

but what is this?
this mind
like a fluid
flows backwards.

For you,
and even for the mirror
I am a unified single entity

well maintained, well nurtured
and well finished,
i too make it happen for you;

But I know
it is all a different story
the tops remain virgin
and the skies unattempted

for this mischief monger
my mind
flows back into memories
and starts consulting history.

human figures
who knew about ultimate human destiny
laid down broad principles
of human conduct

but i keep myself engrossed
in minute details
which bind my feet
and clip my wings;

Here are the unscaled cliffs
the unattempted realms.
And here I am,
a bug searching the pages of history.

Dr. Jernail S Aanand
all rights reserved @2017.

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