Poems by Muhammad Ismail

Poems by Muhammad Ismail


LOVE ON . . . . .
portrait . . . # Butterfly wings

I feel the grass’s shadow
touch my lips
I feel the warmth of sun’s rays
in my heart depth
I feel the velvet breeze
whispered in my ears
your name

I feel
so happy
so numb
so hot
why not
cause I see
your face
butterfly’s wings.


Portrait . . . # trust and respect

on your banknote
it’s written
in GOD we trust
that mean you have faith
deep in your hearts

the most precious things
what we spent
our whole life
to get it
brick to brick
side by side
yes we built
bridges of trust
and fence of respect
those are the most
two precious things
if you lose it
you cannot restore it.


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