Poems by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio

Poems by Gina Ancheta Agsaulio
My Life and My Treasure
Where the world is neither small nor great,
Thousands of beauties to admire relate,
Beyond the limit of sharers is a human fate,
Open your heart wide, love me now and yet.
Thinking of each other is a dynamic day,
It´s like an emblem, a new world of yesterday,
A gleam of dream from youth, perceived they,
The loved bring bliss, hope and happiness, I pray.
Your presence lift my heart, that´s I`m so sure,
Because you are my love, my soul and my treasure!
On earth or in heaven, my feelings not to be measure.
Live and savour life, with all my love and pleasure.
The Vision
When love to humanity exist
Feels by the heart that can´t resist
Promise this and that to all
Sincere and true, that is what we call
But sometimes the other lies
The fool one´s on promises rely.
But true purpose sees no wrongs
Lioness and fighter remain strong
Don´t hold on, go on to your own way
Achieve the vision, listen what heart say.
A path to pursue, is the noble task
Aspiration which nobody had ever ask
We have the mission to serve on earth
Hope and pray that all has its worth.
Dreams of Redolence
Stretched I am as I lay in trance of solace,
And there it blew the deceit of beau in the flow of ether,
Oh my Heart, quench soothe of my reverie!
To sing a song for me in the lyrics of love,
Like a diva in tune of her clavier.
Can I dream a little longer and wait in patience!
To smell the fragrance,
And feel your mettle in essence.
And to touch my zest for the incense of your redolence!
No longer would I remain as the lone heron,
In the search of love!!
As the certitude of my faith,
Fill the offing between the heaven and Earth,
I could live in delight forever,
Till I dream of you in the bliss of my grace.
Nothing could make me more in assuage of my joy,
But in the innocence of your smile…!!
© Gina Ancheta Agsaulio
November 8, 2017 All Copyrights Reserved

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