What has Danial Shivas the great American poet said about the poem of Aziza Dahdouh / Ordtist Highlight Post of the Week

What has Danial Shivas the great American poet said about the poem of Aziza Dahdouh
Ordtist Highlight Post of the Week:
I have been away for a while, checking in off and on the poems posted. I choose Aziza Dahdouh’s poem Sophia vs Saphia for the novelty of topic she has chosen and the way she handled it. On one side: there is Sophia the humanoid robot (female in this case), recently granted a honorary citizenship in Saudi Arabia perhaps for publicity. On the other side: there is Saphia a real woman who is a wife, a mother, a house worker with expectation to do all the chores and work at home and yet remain within bounds of men in many parts of the world. Robots or social robots for home, offices, and shops are an early stage reality now. They are coming to a home or a shop near you. Poets with their souls, are generally focused on human nature, suffering, love, and emotions. How would they react to it, or poets do it for the sake of doing it too? An interesting question and an interesting post by Aziza. She has been in my NOW list many times, lets congratulate her for the Ordtist Highlight Post of the Week….thanks much ..love all ..
Sophia VS Safia
Sophia the smartest lady
A tall female with attractive body
Nobody can deny her expressive face
And soft tender voice
She is so responsive,
She knows the answersTo all the questions
She can practise many jobs
For instance design sophisticated future houses
She can be your partner in chess games
She can perform music and dance
She can tell smart jokes
Or simply give you a ride to the airport
The most remarkable thing ,
She always keeps young and fit
Never gains weight or falls sick
No place to wrinkles on her gorgeous face
What a sophisticated lady robot ….
Safia the Arabian lady
With a beautiful kind heart
And broken attractive eyes
She is intelligent but
Deprived of many rights
She used to be a teacher but now she is a housewife
She has to take care of her family first
Safia claims duty is duty
She is pregnant for the third time
She has to give birth to a boy
Otherwise her husband will plan
to get another wife
Safia is doing her best to satisfy the family members
Most of time ,she forgets about herself
At her free time, she is on social media
Discussing with her friends
How to lose weight and what are
The last Tech in plastic surgery
She wants to be an attractive mother
To keep her family safe from invaders
Of the aliens of the same gender
Safia is in an unending race
Lately she felt depressed
She gave up and adviced her husband
To go and marry Sophia….

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