Poems by Dr. Kalpana Mallick

Poems by Dr. Kalpana Mallick
Love me !!!
The way you are
Naturally natural
The greatest part of the wonderful nature
Through your passionate
soft,smiling ,
Solid and sober manner
Let’s enjoy the charms of the nature
When the cool breeze blows
The leaves rustle
The green paddy field tassels
The songs of the blue ocean
When the swift or gigantic waves
wet the shore
The silent meditation of the valleys
When the cyclonic storm blows over them
The sweet tunes of the flute
Dance of the peacocks
With the colourful feathers
The luscious smell of the wet earth
By the first rain drops
The romance of the Valentine spring
From the Veil of the captivating colours
Let’s paint our lives
with the magical shades of the rainbow
Within our hearts ,thoughts and souls
To make the life glamourous forever
Beautifully shaped by the supreme creator
Above jealousy ,hatred
And artificial flavours
Love me
The way you are
Naturally natural…
From the glimmering pond of pains and suffocation
I am mere a Lilly
Floating consciously
With silent observations
So many dark nights
passed with their
mournful actions
I never bowed or lay
Standing steadily alone
without drifting my position
As I know
Viciousness or virtue
Pleasure or pain
Attraction or distraction
is the temporary part of the Divine creation
Oh moon !
Of the distant horizon
A positive symbol of sensitivity, protection,
intuition and imagination
Poetry of my emotions
Ruler of my zodiac manifestation
I wish I could be near you
immerse in your cool reflections
Mingle my vision with your loving silvery expressions
Make you feel my unconditional love for you
For no reason
Significantly hold you in my perception
Beyond the withering of my subtle body in the water of illusions…
You loved the sweet sounds of the silver anklets on my feet with colourful beads
That I love to wear
To represent our love
Pure and neat
To protect our love from the evil eyes
To make the soul singing quitely
With the silent notes of music
To shape up the thoughts free from
Stress and anxiety
To dissolve the tautness and rigidity of life
My anklets are still booming pleasantly
As before it buzzed
“Chum,Chum and chumm”
Like the rhythm of the pitter- patter of the rain drops on the window pan
But your perception is hanged in
Variety and vacuity
You are restless and tight
In the cage of anxiety
My anklets are cackling sweet
Resonating and wishpering
Oh sweet heart!!
Life is there in love ,affection and serenity
Let’s establish the tender love and it’s beauty
To make the rest part of the journey of the life
Delightful and angelic..
Copyright @Dr.Kalpana Mallick

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