Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary

Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary



Flowering passions beat towers in length
They represent strikingly superb strength
We nurture in our hearts exquisite charm.
Keeping this wondrous world vitally warm

The beauty of hearts features abundance
It excels rare aspects with its attendance
Pleasure goes beyond measure in extent
Things meant for enjoyment are eminent

Sweet sensations spring.from our spirits
Our capabilities are judged by rare .merits
We embrace noble principles for all living
Making mirthfully all splenderous striving

Cherishing all dreams for rapturous future
We really structure edifying glory by nature
Assimilating all abstract things for eternity
We move forward with the idea of fraternity.



When I venture to deify human demons
I am largely warned by God’s summons
Not to take all fake people into account
Against all standards we often recount

We perceive a suggestion of instruction
Sheltering us from destined destruction
Let us never think of such an aberration
Remaiming pure with acts of moderation

When flaw is human law is superhuman
There is law for man not to be a demon
Human demons act over manmade laws
To be punished propely by.all divine laws

Name and fame never render us all lame
We seek them all to keep us above blame
Material things always turn our living sad
Our lofty deeds above fame keep us glad.



When blossoming bliss blows you a kiss
You should not turn such an event amiss
All opportunities are available to us once
We should never avoid them like a dunce

Life is aglow if we make splendid striving
Every one in the world works for his living
We must be bent on our glorious growing
Rendering in lives breeze of bliss blowing

What we are is determined by what we do
Where we dwell rests on howv best we do
We rise to the status of gods in thus birth
Executing strenuous striving for our mirth

Lofty ideals facilitate scintillating dreams
Enormous enterprise runs in fair streams
We cherish ambrosia of godly endeavour
In this life shimmered with.rare splendour.


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