Poems by Soumitra Talukder

Poems by Soumitra Talukder
Where is thy peace in the bliss of a heart!
Wherein I can confess my piety in whisper,
My repine and my anguishes of destiny in fate,
Show me thy abode of apostle in serene.
Where I can pray amidst proponents of peace,
Within the misled self of mine in search of a truce!
Give me a papyrus of your splendor of nature,
So that I can scribble my lyrics in flow of your grace,
Like the ecstasy and impatience of a bee in trance!
Oh God! Would you find a moment for me!
To help me search my memoirs in beatitude,
I had hidden there for long, a song of joy for you,
In my innocence and in my naiveté,
Just to make you smile!
For once, let me be not be shy to say,
That I have been in love with you……!
The Elysium
The jest of my ethos was in turmoil of its impatience,
Where is thy realm of an idle world! It had asked!
Where you had dreamt to create an ambit of verity!
Of your essence in faith and belief in grace
An Elysium of love in the search of probity
The smart, suave, humane faces in bold desires
And the veiled mask in smiles of conscious
The deceit in adduce draped in canopy of silk in grace
The connoisseurs’ attire bowed in elegance!
The truth in me lay undraped to be lured in entice
Of a mirage promised to quench the avidities of lust
The coterie had cited the passion as the will to succeed
To laugh without joy and to smile in coy of angst!
Hold me a bit when I falter in my paths of traverse,
To walk amidst dazzle of an illusion in search of a light
All along the paths of servitude, my love, my piety,
Care for me a bit in love, make me your “Prince of Heart”!
© Soumitra Talukder
November 11, 2017 All Copyrights Reserved

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