Series #93 – “passionate ink, birth to a poetry” / By Ade Caparas

Series #93 [wednesday 8:29pm 22 november 2017 sydney nsw australia]

“passionate ink, birth to a poetry”

i, as a poet start to write, not knowing what to write, only a word, in its strange streak suddenly perks like pimple on my face when i look at a mirror_ and as i look closer, the sky, the moon, the wind, my life, my joy , my sadness, get reflected _more often, a verbal sentence become but a word, my second line do not at all tie to the preceding line, icing it with a certain nuance, splashing it with colours of inhaled sigh, then releasing it in a stab of emotions… it does not bother about the construction of a meaning, instead it’s like a painter, like a Philippine artist, Bienvenido Sibug, whose brushes and pallets, are unaware how the start and the final stroke ends… thus a passionate ink birth to a poetry. _ade c.

NOTE: this is about the heavy sadness of a mother, whose daughter reserve no honour and respect for the mother, verbally abusing her in front of everyone. _ a mother, to carry a child for nine months, risked death for her to be born, cared that she grows beautiful, not a mosquito bite to mark her skin… then she grows up and married well… but she forgot why she is what she is.

crowds circling crowds
coupling on the parks
dessert in ruffled meringue
rainfall pouring
daughter o’ daughter
borne for nine months
lost, she knows me not
warm solus flare.

song forgotten
melody disafinado
my ears clogged
my heart beats no more
dreams come
wake my tears
rainfall pouring
warm solus flare.


_ade caparas manilah sydney 2017

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