Poems by Ezhil Vendhan

Poems by Ezhil Vendhan


If I had wings to fly

I would have been there close to you.
If I could wipe your tears
I would have been there to dry your eyes with my lips.

If I could send echoes of my heart
I would have sent my heart beats at the very instance
It would be heard by you.

If you could come out without fear as brave as your mind
I would have broken the jail doors and unlocked your hand cuffs.

I have penned my thoughts in black in this white paper
But my eyes colour all the letters you have spelt.

If you could not turn back
I am ready to take you on my back and walk.


Oh, My Dear Moon

You’re following me
Wherever I go.
I have repeatedly told you
I’m a simple proletarian,
I am not as high as your stature.

I cannot afford to pay
for your luxury needs.
Day after day
you desire to despair me
with your marble face.
I searched for an apt word
to glorify you.
But alas, I could not find one.

I am afraid if anyone sees our affair
then I will blush.
Shyness may empower me
Please, keep me away from your sight.
Wearing stars as your jewellery
you freely walk along the sky.
But you never bother how I feel
I wonder if anyone had ever noticed us
but you keep on looking at me.

If I see upright on
and dare to look at you
then the world may start its gossips.
No one hears your words,
which are universal
But if I spell a word to you
opening my mouth
then the people may laugh at me as being senile.

You are smart,
in avoiding your visits during the day
and choosing to come only in the night.
And your absence noted, three days in a month.

I have repeatedly told you
I’m a simple proletarian,
I am not as high as your stature.

Copyright © Dr Ezhil Vendhan

REVIEW Written by Professor Cijo Joseph Chennelil , KYCMT, Changanassary

Your poem titled”Oh!My Dear Moon”is a poem of magnificent nature dwelling upon the theme of an abiding and mutually attractive and verbally denounced relationship between the Moon and humanity.Compared to the mesmerising power and overwhelming beauty of the Moon,human faculties are nothing,there can’t be any competition between this heavenly body,the Moon and humanity,but here,the Moon we come across,does have a peculiar afffection towards humanity which is beyond the parameters of worldly amorous plays solely because this love is permanent and comes directly from the heart,here the open demonstration or display of love is shunned to a large extent by the subject of it,the coyness connected with it is apparent and straight forward,but at the end these nitty gritties are negotiated through or fully ironed out and the balance in this love is restored and everything ends in a positive note.Kudos to you for composing such a poem of magnificent nature with inherent meaning in it.

Written by Cijo Joseph Chennelil Associate Professor Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology Chethipuzha Changanassary Kottayam District Kerala India All Copyrights Reserved@ On 9th September 2017.


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