Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



O! Men a lover of literature
Ask you why are you busy
to collect the dynamite
or atom bombs from them

We loss the noble souls
In the name of religion and
Caste creed and greed

Let us destroy all weapons
Bring peace and harmony
In this beautiful eden
Let us start a movement
In the name of ending war

Let us roar all lions
Open their ears forever
Call all the merchants of
death only for peace
To remain active

We shall be the winners
Let us step forward
We are optimistic
Our lord will bless all

Listen them who weep
For them who are in
the sky never come back
After call Stop ! Stop all wars.



He murdered her
became a hunted
spirit waiting for rest

Asking for his happy days
He is brave but tragic
wanted repented
over his mistake

Pure soul can help
Him for his rest in
His grave what a
Pity his soul not
Getting peace

God pardon him
Send a pure soul
Who has console
His haunted soul.



We go together hand in hand
seek happiness in small things
I trust her she trust in me
she is mine

let heaven be here on this eden
Our passions is enthusiastic
We know the world through love
We have infinite desires for us

The moon the stars are ours
The sun shine for us
She is my heroine of my world
If I haven it is near her

I love my majesty for my love
Let me be in heart and soul
My sweet heart live in me forever.


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