Poems by Dr. Prof. Ranjana Sharan

Dr. Prof. Ranjana Sharan
Dr. Prof. Ranjana Sharan is a well- known poet, author and literary critic.Her poems, short stories , articles and research papers have been widely published at national and international levels in reputed dailies, magazines and journals.She has earned accolade of the former President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for her poem’Mother Nature’.She has published 05 books and nearly 50 research papers.Her published books are:1. Spring Zone 2. Midnight Sun 3. Nature in the poetry of William Wordsworth and Pant 4. Feminism: Times and Tides 5.Different Dimensions.
She has completed and published UGC sponsored MRP on comparative literature theme. Recipient of a number of prestigious awards and honors for her outstanding achievements in literary field, she is former professor of English at S.B. City College, Nagpur (Maharashtra) and is a research supervisior(English) of RTM Nagpur University. Presented papers in a number of national as well as intetnational conferences and seminars.She is associated with many literary organizations and groups.Lives in Nagpur(MH) lndia.
The earth was asleep under the stars,
The moon travelled around her
in an elliptical orbit;
The biotic and the abiotic
weaved the fibres of her dream–
the warp and woof of her life:
The roaring oceans
jumping out of their fascinating depths
constantly kissing the shorelines
and leaving saline trails—
Beautiful, wild, mysterious
with their unbound might!
Breathtaking mountains
rising out of landscape
reaching high into the sky!
The ethereal glow of roses–
the phosphorescence of dew
tipping their petals!
The psithurism of trees in the breeze
swelling and waning
in the gusts of the night!
All of a sudden, there was a blast
chilling the great mother to the marrow:
She winced aghast at the sight–
The earth began to quake
belching out smoke and fire:
Rainbow colours morphed into grey!
The day progresses
in an endless sequence
of dead moments:
The beauty of sunrise
no more a benediction;
the white splendour of moonshine
painting the world in silver
slithers like silver snakes
Life doesn’t leap into my pulse.
Through the mists of memory
you appear on the horizon.
Horizon—an optical illusion
The earth and the sky
pace separate dimension.
In a magic moment
a flame descended my bosom
bare, beautiful!
Resplendent roses of dawn–
pink, purple, paradise- like
flooded my inner horizon
serenly silent:
The advent stirred my desires to spread
their rainbow wings—VIBGYOR
A microcosm encapsulating
macrocosm was born:
Fire the Creative Core!
The unsubdued splendour
manifesting itself in a myriad of miracles
The big beauteous ball
shot with luminous arrows
reaching on earth with unseen strides
to protect us all.
The great sustainer
blessing the earth with billion bounties
creating breath- taking beauties.
Without your heat and light
the earth would be a lifeless lump
of ice- coated rocks!
I stand in awe of “Agni”—
the lord of fire existing at three levels:
Fire on earth
Lightning in atmosphere
Sun in the sky:
the radiance that pulsates
throughout the universe!

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