SATAN’S CONTRIVANCE / Videopoem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand

SATAN’S CONTRIVANCE – Videopoem by Dr. Jernail Singh Anand



They loved each other so well
And went about so well;
What we now call relationship
Unhampered by the ceremony by fire.

Here was a perfect union
Of two people
Who emerged from one whole
Cut into two
Each fitting the other

But their compatible behavior
Irked the Evil Master
How could these people
Live in peace? an anathema to his plans.

The rivers the mountains
Even birds
Nothing possessed those capabilities
Which could be derailed
So that
The whole planet could be
Set on fire.

So, he contemplated about
The innocent duo,
Exhorted not to eat the forbidden fruit.

Who appeared to be having
an independent will
And who marched against God
And grabbed Eden;

Actually, fought an internalized battle
In the minds of the two

He made them eat the fruit
Of knowledge,
Which swept off their innocence

And he showed them
how, love having taken wing,
they could keep themselves tied
to each other,

He insinuated the wedlock.
This was a contrived union
Which could yoke
disaparate elements together;

Force them
into further fertilization
And procreate incompatible minds.

He had a vision
One day to populate Eden
With minds
At a loss to know what it all meant
What it all was
And peace to them would be an anathema

Disturbed inside by the incongruent soul
In the home,
And outside by the people
Who had lost all sense of belonging.

Thus putting Adam
The best of the creation
Into worst of the situations
From which deliverance was
A far-fetched dream.

A time came
When Satan would thank the stars
For his phenomenal success.

People with mental disorders
Were ruling from the shrines
And there was Hell Hell and Hell
with the world.

Dr. Jernail Singh Anand
All rights reserved @2017

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