Irida ZUSI

Irida ZUSI
IRIDA ZUSI was born in August 17th, 1989 in Lezha, Albania. She graduated with a B.A. on 2011 for Finance-Bank, then M.A. in 2013 for Economic-Finance in European University of Tirana (EUT), branch of Economy. She is an award poetess, writer, translator, a great lover of books and music; songwriter, lyricist that composes melodies of any genre. Above all, poetry and songwriting are her greatest passion of her life, but first she is a Dreamer”. She started to write poetry by the end of September and the beginning of October 2016. Her poems appeared and published in different newspapers, national or international magazines, journals, also in different poetry groups in social network such Facebook. In March 2017 she was a winner in- International Award “Centro Giovani e Poesia-Triuggio” ITALY Special Prize – “Poesia dei Popoli-in memoria di Alfredo Pirola” for the poetry “WINTER”. She likes to write about the inner and hidden beauty, nature, the invisible things, the emotional experiences that surround her all the time, the bad and the good ones turning them into beautiful words that express everything in different points of view, situations that change our lives. Inspiration…has always been part of her, the reason where all this started in the first place. Her writings are in her mother tongue (Albanian), in English, Italian, Spanish. Being a songwriter always makes her write with rhyme, rhythm is in her blood and soul. She is deeply in love with foreign languages, as well adores trying new things, discovering new cultures, traveling around the world.
Same as you, I realize
Love is adoration, warmth … all I could adore
Crystal in wisdom’s eye
Its sweetness smells a laugh you cannot ignore
Like you, I’m in love with…
The sunlight in the morning’s hope when sun rise
Its presence like guitar riff
So attractive by it…deep down you will recognize
Love’s like one rainbow skies
It flies far-far away up in the cotton clouds
Its senses are the hidden road
With amazing colors so marvel to be found
It’s like a unique secret place that nobody knows
Its kiss like a dream leafs takes you around world
Its light becomes longer gradually whiter
Like angels touch, by holding you tighter
Same as you, to me it reminds
The sensation & sweet atmosphere scoring across soul
Its arms around neck twined
Bringing back all the lost emotions on a nearby knoll
Shined from a tender silence inner light of an instigate hope
Glimmering like salvation when I’m trapped into the darkness HATRED
That slowly burns the soul of mine as a one pictorial trope
Such bitterness as untouchable bits not willing to let go WIDE-SPREAD
Nothing compares with love’s healing touch, when it goes through to through
Impossible to see its beautiful visibility eyes with wings spread free to pursue
All the desires that we dream beyond the cotton clouds, all what we will to do
Its power concur everything above all; it’s the strongest emotion, our little hope of rescue.
A massive autumn leaf falls silently down…
Bit by bit
OCTOBER in red, yellow, orange and brown…
Forming a heap
Twirling in delight, listening to the cracking sound
So amazing, building a thick carpet on the ground
The breath of a calm brush from the smallest breeze
Sends them dancing in cloudless climes, starry skies
As they hiss in a full-blown chilling winds
Speaking in language of autumn leaves
Touching your cheek, gently provoking a smile
Losing within the change of seasons for awhile
Walking in its golden beauty, yet so eloquent
Where thoughts whisper promises of days spent
Expressing gratitude that we must never forget in wondrous ways
The wind it moves through the tree branches …it blows and sways
Every season has its own special feeling … autumn is no exception
Seeing the sun with his artistic touch … within the fall’s perception
Understands that the color of gold, yellow, red is a spectacular experience
One beautiful fall … where we can almost be blinded by the fiery brilliance.

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