Marian Eikelhof

Marian Eikelhof
Marian Eikelhof is a poet who works in her daily life as a psychologist leading her own consultancy firm, named Psychologisch Adviesbureau Ariadne. Her work inspires her to write about the emotional aspects of existence. Not only she describes feelings of love, intimacy and desire, but also she reflects in her poetry on sad, fragile experiences and she criticizes dehumanisation. Marian has recently published the second edition of her collection of poems titled “een nulurencontract met het leven” and is about to publish an English collection of poems titled “a contract of zero hours with life” within a period of two months. She visited poetry festivals in Cuba to defend peace together with other artists and she has published poems in literary magazines like PTYX (Peru) and in the anthology “Salt boundaries”, edited by Malak S. Soufi. Recently Marian participated in a poetry event called “Sotto il cielo di luglio”in Anzio, Italy and she joined an international poetry event with international, befriended poets in Dalaman, Turkey.
Marian is active furthermore active in defending human rights with a special emphasis on the empowerment of women internationally. To focus on the peace process with other poets she is continental director of Europe in the World Festival of Poetry.
All of a sudden
I am this ancient soul
a woman
more than
four thousand years old
carrying nothing on my back
but water
soon I will be home
where my sweetheart
waits for me
coming out
from the bath house
fresh, shining and
loving me
carrying nothing on my back
but water
I don’t know the lava will come
and overflow me
don’t know I will be found back
in one piece
don’t know about wars to come
dividing all of us
and I am still unaware
the earth will be no longer mine
within a period of time
carrying nothing on my back
but water.
Without you
The memory of your loving smile lingers on in my life, caressing my soul so deep inside.
Only now I understand
why you waved at aircrafts
and butterflies followed you
in their fetherlight flight
while we were having a reunion
about numbers
death to come
and I am quite sure now
I will not meet you anymore
neither in my life
neither in my life
nor in yours
I have awaited some stars
illuminated visions
whether to find out
if I could still see you
some time
dancing with my heart in your hand
leaning on your laugh
my memory slowly cooled down
it became cold
it became night.
Baby, oh my baby
Let my tears flow over the earth like a river
wash away all dilemmas
drown disillusion, furnish empty souls
with love songs and hope.
Let my tears clean dirty blood
of mindless sinners,
melt a frozen heart, brainwash
assholes and console.
Let my tears quench the thirst
of a child that has no tears left
to cry, take it into my arms
and bring it home.

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