“Mind Lapses” – Series #98 / Ade Caparas

Series #98 [sunday 10:40pm 26 november 2017 sydney nsw australia]

“Mind Lapses”

Discrimination, racism… is nature, no one isn’t… whoever whatever race, this is a trait present in human being, whether old/young, poor/rich, man/woman, white/black, any religion, any language, clubs, groups, organizations. _ade caparas manilah

the lapsing society minds
poor Joe would bow in joy
being greeted ‘Allo Allo’
by Madame Muzzy
who drives her purple Corvette
who wears a French silk cape
whose heated pink toilet seat
brags as the only one.

“my madam my madam
you are so beautiful and kind”
how wonderful
to be beautiful and rich!
but, what if…
i am a toilet cleaner, a fish vendor, a bus driver
would you return
my smile, my hello???

you are you are you are
poor POOR poor
because you chose to be POOR
you lick the footsteps of the rich
yet you abhor them
Jean Paul Sartre says,
“He is not enough in order to have
_and he has not enough in order be.”
ahhhhhhhhh… mind lapses!

_ade caparas manilah sydney 2017

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