Poem by Zhang Zhi (Diablo) – President IPTC

Poem by Zhang Zhi (Diablo)
President IPTC
The World Is Swaying in a Binoculars
The world fouled by
trash, semen, nuclear waste, heroin, blood and AIDS
can never be cleaned
Look! The world has entered KTV chartered room
Who knows which beautiful beast
delightfully moaning under his hips again
Tonight, the damned world will surely play rough
—It is also OK
if you image the scene
to be the Third World War
Rivers run east
Misses go west
The world is like a lost lamb
standing at a crossroads
asking robots going north and south
“To whom I should bow, sir ? ”
The world is applauding for politicians with its feet
The politicians bathe the world in blood
The world cannot see clear our faces
maybe we have no face
“We can be shameless since we have no face ”
a certain damned artist said so.
The world is waving its penis
howling on the top of the UN Edifice
“Behold , it is great ”
In fact, last night
this fellow whispered to me in the dream
“Sir, my penis is of no use”
The world is unhurried
The world is not frightened
The world has gone under the wheel of history
but no blood is coming out
Who has ever seen the real blood
Whetting the knife, the world
is gouging out its own flesh
day and night. Dearth
is singing an everlasting song in a drop of blood
“Breast-fattening cream fattens the breast, not the waist”

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