The Cosmos / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
The Cosmos
The cosmos that lives in an atom
Could well be the secret of life
The constant reminder that baby acorns will one day be mighty oaks
That dew drops have the power to become oceans
One glance through inquisitive eyes could become the love of a lifetime Even if there were obligations and deterrents
What has to be will be
Tearing through mountains and walls
Flood waters of deluge
Crashing through zones of time and distance of lifetimes
A ship that comes to harbour
A rose that nestles in your hands after floating on the stream of consciousness
Flotsam and jetsam that roost like ravens in rookeries
Let the mighty universe sink into your being
Let God be in each particle !
Copyright Lily Swarn 23.11.2017

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