Violence in Silence!! / Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul

Poem by Monika Ajay Kaul
Violence in Silence!!
They rested in cold.. Numb they were,
The esse’ that sojourn within them has viped.
Safe n sound from the hazards of this world,
No injury, no suffering can come to them now.
Was it ‘Violence in Silence’ ?!
Hearts that used to frolic with zeal are still.
Minds brewing with emotions are a deadpan.
Now we dig the catacombs and pray
their souls rest in peace after life.
Was it ‘Violence in Silence’ ?!
Their limbs are soft, blood frozen in veins,
Time lapsed in rigor mortis with insensate eyes,
We posed them on their spines, feet together,
arms folded over their lifeless heart..
Was it ‘Violence in Silence’ ?!
The daisies, the roses, the daffodils take-over,
and expel them a final kiss for final destination.
At last with heavy hearts and moist eyes,
Put them to an eternal sleep…
Was it ‘Violence in Silence’ ?!

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