Reported By: Tiffany Marie Slay (U.S.A)  

Muhammad Shanazar, a famous poet and translator has been appointed First Vice President of The World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan. He hails from Pakistan, at present he is an associate professor in English Language and Literature. In his childhood he did all odd works like ploughing field, harvesting crops, gathering fodder, cutting wood for fuel, building fences and grazing of cattle etc. He had keen interest in getting education and his hard work led him to the height of success. After having done Master in English Literature, he served for three years in Police Department as constable and later on got an opportunity in Higher Education Department. Now he emerged as a poet and translator in the world and has earned more than 30 international awards from different literary organizations of the world like Poet of Universal Inspiration, World Icon of Peace, The International Best Translator, 1st Four Stars Ambassador in the World, Extraordinary Ambassador for Gratis Culture, one of the Poets of the World, Cross for Peace, Cross for Literature, Pride of Pakistan, Herbert Macaulay Legacy Award, and several other accolades. He has been conferred upon Honourary Doctorate in Peace and Humanitarian Education by Instituto Edjucando Brazil.

His poems have been published in many world anthologies. He has authored four books of poetry ‘Gems’, ‘The Cold Stars’, ‘The Dance of Darkness’, and ‘Tears of History’, besides, his translated books from Urdu into English are: The Alien Eyes’, ‘Wrist in the Clutches of Death’ ‘A Tempest In Silence’ ‘Sugar Coated’, ‘Symphony and Other Poems’, ‘Snowy Sunlight’, ‘The Burning Roses’, ‘The Coin of Death’, and ‘Withering Dreams’ . He also has translated individual poems, articles and short stories, their number may exceed more than 1000.
He is a life time member of IPTRC, China, and International Writer Association (IWA), USA, which is a UNESCO recognized body. He is a member of Editorial Advisory Board of Sahitya Anand and 2nd Secretary General of World Union of Poets, Italy for the year 2017. He writes against war, he wishes to see the world sans nuclear and conventional weapons. Keeping in view his commitment to poetry the World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan, conferred upon him permanent membership and appointed him First Vice President of the World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan, his achievements are the prof that he is rising more stairs of glory.


By Tiffany Marie Slay (U.S.A)  


One thought on “MUHAMMAD SHANAZAR RISES MORE STAIRS OF GLORY / Reported By: Tiffany Marie Slay (U.S.A)

  1. A very humble soul and encouraging mentor. There ‘ s a lot more to this poet and human and he well deserves the accolades that he has received.

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