Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


Finally in peace

Let me rest in peace..one of a Swarm
Had been haunted by painful scars
Bleeding my pride with sacrificed freedom
In this calm darkness after loosing home and heart..

Let me enjoy this peace in collective grave
Crowded with many other believers of peace
Crushed while hunting for their dreams of sun
Fighting to pay life for political fees…

So finally this mortal cold of peace
Ignoring a life lost in believing zeal
leaving home, nation in lifeless breeze
Hell brewed our past,our future for faked deals


Let peace enlightens our Christmas tree

I came to you my lord
Kissing your feet..wallow in your blessing bound
You’re still bleeding..you’re still hurt
On my lips..The bitter taste of your eternal wound

IT IS almost December. .The trees are greener
The joy in the Air..filling cities and hearts
Carols resonating…shiny stars flicker
Flowers and Laughters. .a world of beauty and art

How come..My Lord..you’re daily crucified
Your blood can’t dry..your heart never stopped
With every tear of orphan..you continually cry
With every crying widow..your pain reaches the sky..

HELP them..Help those children collect hopes
Help refugees hang them on their homeless trees
Try to built with them..dreams of home
And let peace enlightens our Christmas trees.


One thought on “Poems by Hana Shishiny

  1. wow .. Two masterpieces , Great Antiwar ,Anti-violence works of art .. following two different approaches , the first one is such a powerful , slap on lords of wars faces , the second , is a real masterpiece … elegantly Hymen of peace , recited in your most inspiring beautiful words , Great work as always , my very dear highly talented friend , Elegant poet , Hana Shishiny <3 :)

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