# series 2 – “10 Women Of Essence” / By Ade Caparas

# series 2 – “10 Women Of Essence”


By Ade Caparas


dotism journal #2

… makes its second journal presentation. This one is about a Woman’s Essence…  ‘woman’ being the center of Life… i have selected my first ten woman/poets, not only as an outstanding poet, but their role as a woman to the whole universe… my list will be featuring  up to 50 women, and all of them will be requested for a One On One private interview on some later dates; their life in relation to DOTISM, i.e. the continuous unveiling of the truth, consciousness, and appearances as their life moves on! 

“10 Women Of Essence”

Edmund Husserl,  German philosopher, the founder of Phenomenology, a method for the description and analysis of consciousness through which philosophy attempts to gain the character of a strict science, was struck by this truth: “essences and facts are in commensurable, and one who begins his inquiry with facts will never arrive at essence.” [pp9 Search for a Method . Jean Paul Sartre


A Woman Of Essence is one who dictates her five exterior senses to come to terms with her inner abstract senses… thereby paint moulds sculpt her spirit that would be a model of female beings! This poem poeticises a woman’s essence, dedicated to all women of the world… i feature here the first ten.

in the silence of whispers

come unruly waves

followed by violent wind

whirling like throng of ghosts

rid ridding of a white Magnolia…


silly silly ghost of thugs

unaware, ahhhhhhhhhh… unaware

white Magnolia’s beauty is a historic mould

withering dusts rains and piercing thunders

creating a satin like leather petal, unmatched.


so calm so calmly she figures

her tiny sways, flexing from tango to rhumba

trumpets saxofones drums… samba-ing her

to the curves of rainbow rays

sits on top, she becomes the iconic flower.  


ahhhhhhhhh… woman woman, her tears drop into a smile

soiled white linens fold to perfection, heavy loads on shoulders

carried like feather, adorn her hair, hugging like dandelion

no weary, ever dreaming  of blue crystal skies

A Woman Of Essence… a woman of ESSENCE!

_ade caparas manilah/Maelan Koia sydney 2017


  1. ankha-ra micah-elah

“To BE myself in a WORLD that is constantly trying to turn me into someone/something else!”



  1. Deepa Chandran Ram

“Everything is perception. There is nothing in this universe thats anything by itself.”

   Deepa Chandran Ram

Works at Deakin College
Studied at Deakin Research
Lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Followed by 1,015 people


  1. milica lilic

“You will never understand, Something very simple, Like the crash of thunder Emptying the skies…..”

Former Writer at Literature
Went to University of Belgrade
Went to XIV beogradska gimnazija
Lives in Belgrade, Serbia
From Kosovska Mitrovica
Followed by 1,680 people


4.Dr Sigma Sathish

Stream of thoughts… From the fantasy of a daydream she woke up, When a strong voice, requested her to give a window seat… she tamed him, then warned him with her looks. and she extended her looks to nowhere.”

DrSigma Sathish

Asst. Professor at Assisstant professor in an NSS college
Lecturer at Lecturer in Minisrty college in Oman

From Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Followed by 4,428 people


  1. lily swarn

“O Sun , let in the warmth of love
From across the thundering oceans
From above colours and creeds !” LILY SWARN


Worked at Govt of India
Studied at Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh, India
Studied English literature at Panjab University
Studied at gcg,chandigarh,punjab univeristy,india
Went to Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh
Lives in Chandigarh, India
From Chandigarh, India
Followed by 1,790 people


  1. maria cerminara

“Souls join even while far away… distance does not prevent the sublime fusion of love 💖💝 good night!”


Comerciante at El Rincon de Sitio
Went to E.E.M.N°2 Francisco Ramirez
Went to Cruz Roja Argentina filial Lanus
Went to E.E.M.Nº2 Francisco Ramírez (Lanús Este)
Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina
From Buenos Aires, Argentina


  1. Maria Teresa

“In this piece of life That still remains Give me silence And bitter tears, while around Is desire and deep Reflexes reflexes”     MARIA TERESA

Scrittore e poeta, cllaborazione  giornalistica, radio. at ilmiolibro-albatros-book sprint-pagine
Former Insegnante di ruolo at Ministero della pubblica istruzione
Studied lingue straniere at Università del Salento
Lives in Lecce, Italy
Manages Il sole e la luna. and Maria Teresa Manta scrittore, critica letteraria,coll. gior. radio



  1. maryam shah

“O Vengeful soul! Discern! Your malice, resentment and hostility

Cannot settle my destiny, As it is in the hands of the One

That has all the might, Over everything that is dark or bright.”

*Syedah Maryam Iqbal *

Worked at Poets & Writers
Studied at University of Karachi
Lives in Karachi, Pakistan
From Karachi, Pakistan
Followed by 5,956 people
Manages Syedah Maryam Iqbal


  1. hana shishiny

“There is not a love that lasts forever

There are moments in love that are a forever”

Hana Shishiny

Interior Designer Poet/Writer


Lives in Le Caire

From Tripoli Lebanon


  1. ade caparas manilah a.k.a. Maelan Koia

“my time is ascertained, like a canvass of art, it’s completing finishing and will be  displayed on walls, no one can disfigure it… i shall not worry! _ade caparas manilah

Designer Artist Writer Poet Author Thinker

Born in Manila, Philippines

Live & Citizen of Australia




It isn’t enough that one has unveiled oneself, i.e. “here i am ade, the poet,  or my appearance as a poet of outstanding quality, nor being a recipient of much public acclaim… i need to surge up farther… how am i affecting humanity as a whole… whether good or bad, only then, that i have added an essence to my being. _ade caparas manilah


Dotism Journal #2

friday 12:51pm 20 october 2017

sydney nsw australia

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