The Legends of Life / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali


The Legends of Life

In the twilight after-glow
of masturbated limbs
diffident bones melting in
delusional delights
Watch a rogue self pollination
growing dense
thus the garden
of weeds
are anatomizing
are interlacing
in the plexus under my skin…

There is a bird in my body
Who when flutters
Spreading its wings
opening torso
coming out
Long nailed claws

There are nights when
in the midst
of a lethal struggle
between the body human
and the flight of an intruder
this bird is flying
inside me
dragging me
to far off lands
where buried are
legends of ashen falls
charred snow
hiding beneath
the sweet warm rivers
of Babylon…..
Where a goddess queen releasing sand grains
from her opened fist
the ruins of civilization
now found…

As I begin to climb my
own body stepping on
each limb
I am standing upon
my shoulders
my summit
calling your name
in the distance between
River and the rain….

In the length of time
between a wish and a star
I am searching for your eyes
Your face
in the secret proposal
Between earth and a rose….

In the legends of life
scattered across the
jagged landscape
Between wind and I
from a milky river
a goddess with eyes carrying
the magic of a thousand mornings….

On fluttering wings
a moment of cool fragrant breeze
Spellbinding dandelion
of my desires
carrying my pollen towards you
For I have smelled the emptiness of your pistil
And I promise you a most beautiful fragrant bouquet……

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