Dr. Deepa Chandran Ram

Dr. Deepa Chandran Ram

Dr. Deepa Ram, born in Trivandrum, India, is an acclaimed poet, writer, painter, lecturer and Scientist. She did her schooling and studies in India, and secured her phD in Chemistry. Later, she migrated to Australia where she currently works for Deakin College, Deakin University, Geelong. She lectures Chemistry to undergraduate and graduate biomedical students from around the globe, and actively engaged in research on Carbon nano fibre composites.

Poetry, music and painting was in her veins right from childhood, although she pursued Science as her profession. She was selected as one among the five best International Poet of 2016 by the World Union of Poets and has innumerable publication of poems in many global anthologies including The World Poetry Book and The World Peace Anthology. Her poems were recited in British radio podcasts and her own publication of poetry with painting is under progress. She is also a vocalist and Veena player. Dr Ram has a rich sense of metaphors and imageries both in her poems and paintings. She was deeply attracted to Australian Aboriginal paintings of captivating spiritual flavour as she set root in Australia. She specialises in dot paintings with rich colours and enchanting visual images where she also infuses other tribal arts, mandalas, zen tangles and fractal art. Recently she participated in an International exhibition conducted by Alliance Francaise in India and is preparing for her participation in Index exhibition, World Trade Centre Dubai to be held in March 2018.


Is the beacon
of profound darkness in light…
Her womb, the universe
of civilised fancy…
Her parables stretch deeper
to precipitated dispositions,
of compassion and nurture
of fugitive creations…
is a secret vantage to vulgar myths,
of erotic paradise wrapped in lust..
While echoing feeble cries of her servility,
fell on blind eyes and deaf ears…
Yet she is the ripest apple,
metamorphosed, with
quiet syllables of virgin voice…
A transitory charity of ceremonial births,
of sacred souls and bad omen…
She throbs in delight
as unrehearsed drumming
obtrudes her belly,
while the oozing milk of kindness
drank her alluring beauty…
She works faithfully and relentlessly
her winsome ways to make ends meet
as she wept in her tears
that were bred in broils…
A noble woman of auranian hue
A stone as humble as a soulful smile
her repressed impulses and intuition strong
bleed through her pen as artistic accent…
As tranquil youth and resplendent shine
withers as a wild dream of yester years,
She walks into oblivion as her guardian genius,
a virtuous woman of highest order..
She is indeed the paradigm of salvation!!
Who is she?
She is unscripted…
Boundless energy
as her palaces burn down
on termite hearts…
Her brown melanin
swallows the scorching sun,
Her hair
stinks of narcotised jasmine.
Her endangered double helix
rustic, ancient,
drink toxic promises
as potions of honey…
Countless lightnings
burn on her tongue
a tincture of spice
of her romanticised pain…
A ghost of existence
on hungry streets,
nakedness hides in each alley
lingering to explore…
She is a multiverse, of countless
boxes, each with a universe,
a green niche of nostalgic breath…
Sticky grain on her wet stone
evocates drooping thorny roses,
while kisses melt
as myriad hues on her
volcanic dimples …
Twilight’s doll and moonbeam’s pleasure
left wrinkles on her treble clef …
A passing snag of her fairies flute
Illumine her solitude…



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