Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal
I am a chained human
I am an imprisoned being powerless to exercise free will,
Because of chains, shackles and restraints,
Do I need them all?
I am a captive creation unable to exploit my strength,
Because of restrictions, borders and boundaries,
Do I need them all?
I am a chained worldling kept in walled enclosure of
Because of religion, law and society,
Do I need them all?
The world’s expected continuance needs me confined,
My civilized being needs captivity,
Boundaries ensure my humanity,
Walls guarantee my supremacy.
I am worst than the wildest creations,
I am detestable than the most hideous,
I am my own assassin, my own homicidal,
Slaughterer of my own breed,
Devil of my own soul.
I am a human, a chained creation.
Fading Realities
Undying lies seeping into our souls,
Make us candid no more,
Taking away all of our liberty,
Putting us in chains of unbreakable ceramic,
Prone to make our future so tragic,
And to make our lives so enigmatic.
We are made to live with fading realities,
Haunting us throughout our lives with guarantees,
To take away all of our peace and tranquility,
And throw us in a quagmire of lies,
That continue asking for more and more like an undying thirst.
Our Artificiality
Constant learning, gaining knowledge,
Knowledge polishing our brains,
Bestowing us with all the artificiality—
The knowledge of known and unknown—
Snatching all of our innocence,
Converting us from raw to refined,
Teaching us the ways of the world,
Polluting our guiltless souls,
Teaching us to be treacherous,
We are never the same having Nature within us,
We are artificial, enemies of ourselves.

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