Poem by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Poem by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha
Poor child hawking on the street
Helpless girl sleeping in shanty,
Harmless lady working late
Unarmed woman walking home,
Rape; a debasing masquerade.
In jail or in school
Victim or victor,
Arrested or detained
In lonely track or busy road,
Rape; a devouring vulture.
Attacked or robbed
Empowered or overpowered
Targeted or outsmarted
Ambushed or waylaid,
Rape, a dehumanizing beast.
Lured or enticed
Seduced or used,
Lusting or loving
Hated or hatred,
Rape; a demonizing scorpion.
Under the tree, by the slum
In the desert, by the stream
Bet, game, set up or revenge
Forbid battery, forbid rape
Rape; a defiling demon.
Once raped, always remembered
Once molested, always bitter
Once violated, always aggressive
Once humiliated, always irritated,
Rape; a discouraging spirit.

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