Poem by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Poem by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha
Poor child hawking on the street
Helpless girl sleeping in shanty,
Harmless lady working late
Unarmed woman walking home,
Rape; a debasing masquerade.
In jail or in school
Victim or victor,
Arrested or detained
In lonely track or busy road,
Rape; a devouring vulture.
Attacked or robbed
Empowered or overpowered
Targeted or outsmarted
Ambushed or waylaid,
Rape, a dehumanizing beast.
Lured or enticed
Seduced or used,
Lusting or loving
Hated or hatred,
Rape; a demonizing scorpion.
Under the tree, by the slum
In the desert, by the stream
Bet, game, set up or revenge
Forbid battery, forbid rape
Rape; a defiling demon.
Once raped, always remembered
Once molested, always bitter
Once violated, always aggressive
Once humiliated, always irritated,
Rape; a discouraging spirit.

One thought on “Poem by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

  1. Dear Poet Ngozi, How passionately you write. I am very impressed. “Rape”, something that does not go away “after” the act. “Rape”, something that will lay in the memory, festering in the mind, as if someone “asked” for it. Yet, it is a violation of the body, and of the mind. Congratulations! I admire your talent of your Poetic talent !

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