Poems by L. Sr. Prasad

Poems by L. Sr. Prasad


Morocco fables -18

In the decrepit images….

There we both sat at a distance reading the food served in tagine bliss,
The vegetable salad in the first course was tempting like a stolen kiss,
You pretended not knowing me and was discussing with a neighbour in flamy hiss,
The second course was couscous as delicious as a chocolate of swiss miss!

I was tempted to distract you because you did not care my eager presence,
And you as though declared me as nobody was in your regal style of resonance,
I coughed and giggled in useless antics where determined dames defeat romance,
Go with raised heads of victory and a pretty blush on their cheeks of no innocence!

We could half finish what they served us and the desert was ready with all fruits!
I looked at her delicate fingers helping in waves of ecstacy of mystic hidden roots!
The bowls are half empty and the hot spear mint tea of Morocco was in fine fumes!
Her delicate lips quivered a while and she enjoyed it with passion filled perfumes!

I understand now, every girl needs a space of her own, in expressing her intimate love to you,
The pretention is to keep you in her tows and to leave you on your toes till she says where were you?


Morocco fables-19

Does seduction mean to lead astray or ash tray?

I occassionally dream about smoking as in Marlboro advertising or like a king,
But that stayed as fantasy even though the temptation came from a girl of my liking,
I can wear a mask and imitate Jim Carrey and say ‘how do you do’ before her waking,
Or i can be Rick in Casablanca and smoke away my agony of seeing her again walking!

Out of all the joints in the world she walks into my heart again to have a song,
And orders Sam- play it again for old times sake- but what right she has, to bang
My doors of oblivion and bring back the long forgotten memories to singalong?
O cruel woman! Don’t you sense the tears that are wetting your tender feet all along!

In that rings of smoke i look at the fast moving past of our fine escapades,
In that burning end i reconstitute the sparks of our promenades and serenades!
In that ash i bury my heart wrenching agonies of your exit and my entry into hell Hades!
Now again, you have walked into my sleep to throw what merciless grenades?

When cicadas squeak, flowers speak, crickets drum solitude at evening dawn!
Night approaches like the ash in tray after the last puff of sunshine, with darkness drawn!


Morocco fables- 20

The color of pain due to separation….

You leave Rabat saying goodbye to all your new friends with heavy heart!
There is a queer feeling of emptiness and a little sadness leaving this part!
Three, four days of riding on a magic carpet may not quench the deep thirst,
But o sojourner! Life is like that! You can not have too much of anything last or first!

As one by one friends parting their ways the colors of rainbow started changing,
You ask yourself- what is the colour of this emptiness?Can i color pain in my painting?
If so what color represents it best? Where is the agony trench i have to depict peace?
Why this canvas is shrinking unlike Gurneika which expands in time and space?

We got down the bus at Casablanca and rallied towards the ticket counters, on a time track!
After security checkups you feel naked but clothed by passport you gets your identity back!
The big two storied A-380 awaits your boarding and you sink back in your silly emotinal rack!
Then suddenly an angel returns and revives you from your grave with her soft touch spark!

Then explodes the colors of rainbow on the canvas of hope in surrealistic time lapse!
The duet you both singalong echoes in the transit airport captures the future relapse!

Copyright@Dr. Lsr Prasad


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