Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
The Shades of Love
Love is
Possessive as a she serpent
A deadly Indian naagin
Who told you it is sweet ?
It snorts venom in huge doses
It only tastes like a treacle tart
Jamming the roads in monsoons
As jealous as an underworld don
Safeguarding his territory
Right from the ghettoes and swamps
to the grandiose palaces in rainbow strewn skies
The hues of purple passion pirouetting on plaid fabrics of desire
on a skateboard whizzing past galaxies lost in space
fawning in hidden alcoves lit with lamps
Of subdued lighting
Skimming across jungle rivers flush with alligators
Ferocious as lions in African savannahs
Gossamer fine ,translucent as your eyes
Spinning yarns with magical seduction
Beckoning from halls of fame ,biased and blurred
Bleating like sheep in blind formations
One behind the other
Bedazzled with chandeliers of moonlight
Permeating the thin skin of yearning
Huffing and puffing up the mountain path
Rocky and thorny
Married to loyal vows divine and pure
Pristine sand on virgin beaches
Clothed in demure Benaras weaves
Shopping for toe rings in narrow bazaars
Gnarled and wrinkled in grandma’s work worn hands
Boiling milk for a toothless spouse
Sacred as church bells floating on clouds over belfries
White as pigeons coochie cooing in each other’s ears
As salty as black rock salt ground on stony beds of yore
Savoury like your saline lips with tears glistening in your eyes
Love me or love me not
It’s love that rules the world
With hues of joy mingled
With shades of misery
The perfect palette to die
And go to heaven
Copyright Lily Swarn 12.2.2017
With the first
powdery dusting
Of fine pristine snow
The Yuletide spirit seeped
Into the neglected crevices
Of my snoozing soul
Benedictions and blessings
Softly falling
Like elusive mercy
On traumatized villains
Touching roofs and sycamores
With the same gentle caress
Wood , slate , shingle
Competing with the evergreen
Determination of conifers
It’s snowing outside
But Christ the Saviour warms
The hearth of my freezing heart
Hark! Do you hear the
Sounds of Santa’s sleigh ?
Do you see Rudolf all
Red nosed and shiny?
Hang out your stockings
O ye little ones .
Cooyright Lily Swarn 8.12.2016

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