Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny


The magic call

I start hearing the mountains call
Once I see the white coverinrg the top of summits
A melodious lyrical poem
written in valleys and Knolls
I follow my heart leading me in sunny or foggy mist…

I’ll follow that heart toward the sky
Listening to its dialogue ..with mountains snow
Following the flow of tears they cry
Enchanted by those streams flow…

How I need that wordless song of purity
That halo of grace in those majestic hights
Living moments of love affinity
Soul absorbed by the divine light…


Sliding in silence

That ocean of undulating waves
Like a lily..in a golden field
I move with …I dance I swing
Petals quivering..as touched by breeze of spring

In silence..I keep on falling in you
In that river of owenedness
Elysium of desire and weaknesses
Transcending dreams of unsaid promises…

Silence is a forest of green hearts
Shading tunes and secrets that lovers sing
No storm.. no desert..a world of art
A sky of peace…for loving wings….


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