Poems by Nidhi Kunvarani

Poems by Nidhi Kunvarani



It was the time when I started write
I thought,its wish of might
Started open imagination gates
As if,i met to writing art heart with delight

In the beginning started write as an innocent kid
Didn’t know that it will be turned to tree from just a seed
Then,this boon started becoming my need
No more reader just myself used to read

One day,flow of imagination started dried
I couldn’t able to come out,though i cried
Felt as if doors were closed
Inside the door,i felt suffocation sad.

Many a time I was used to sit
Taking hands in note and pen
But,couldn’t able to creative writing spirit to meet
I felt as if will i ever able to come out from the dark gate without light or lantern?

Though,I didn’t lost the hope
One day i found the ray of light
My mind and became baby butterfly started running pen with various imaginative shape
My inner writing creative spirit

Started telling,”I’m belongs to you,never leave you alone
You are forever in my heart corn(corner)
My friend!never be mourn
I’ll never go away from you,’I AM SINCERELY YOURS’ with phoenix charm again i’m born!


Eye Lamps

Though,everywhere darkness
In this darkness
I was married at the age of thirteen
My beloved husband, died in the soldiery, from that, life turned to gloominess
Life turned to autumn from the green

Should I have to live with the hope?
Hope of again this autumn may turn green with our kid
I am not the one who commit suicide taking rope
I’ll live for the one he left behind our seed

My fate!you took away my life not faith
I’ll work-hard for the my love and kid
I’ll come out from the chain breaking social net
My ‘EYE LAMPS’ and hope of the heart is enough to bring light!


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