Poems by Dr. Disha Khanna

Dr. Disha Khanna
Deputy Dean
Faculty of Liberal Arts
GNA University, Phagwara

Bio Note

Born in India, on March 8, 1981, Dr. Disha Khanna makes dire endeavours to devote her life to the perfection of poetry marked by vivid imagery, great sensuous appeal and an attempt to express a philosophy through her daily hum drum experiences.


Identification of the Cutest Creation Ever!

‘He’ or ‘It’- What should I call?
A God’s creation that came into existence,
Thirteen years ago.
A creation of flesh and bone,
Purely naïve and totally ignorant
About the cruelties and cleverness
Of the world around.
‘He’ or ‘It’- What should I call?
A thirteen years old creation,
Who knows no taboo, but born
Just to enjoy the delicacies and beauties of life.
A creation, least bothered about the intricacies and pitfalls
Of the impending future.
‘He’ or ‘It’- What should I call?
This thirteen years old creation
Gets carried away by the gadgets
Seeks to find pleasure in techno devices
Though still underage, fancies wild
Not to drive, but to run a car to an extent of
Formula one driving expert- Michael Schumacher.
‘He’ or ‘It’- What should I call?
This thirteen years old soul,
A free bird isn’t cognizance of the bitter fact-
That “Knowledge is Power”.
The soul is of the notion,
That- playing, gossiping,
Googling and gaming
Are the mere pleasures of life.
‘He’ or ‘It’- What should I call?
This thirteen years old, cute and very loving
Creation of God Almighty
Needs to be taught that-
Now, ‘He’ or ‘It’(?)
Is smart enough to distinguish- right from wrong,
Good from bad, important from insignificant,
Beautiful from ugly, and the most important;
To seek tutelage from his/its confidant
To identify his/its hidden capacities,
And the sole purpose of existence.
Can anyone ponder over and identify
Who this thirteen years old creation of God is?
Who is this ‘He’ or ‘It’ in my reference?
It is no one else, but the most priced and adorable
Gift of mine from God-
My son “Adhiraj Partap- King of the Kings”
My source! My life!


Who is a female?

A question that consistently ponders me.
Is she a mere piece of flesh and bone?
Is she a puppet to dance at the tunes of the males?
Is she the one to earn and make the family sustain?
Or is she a bundle of joy-
Born to nurture in the so called democratic world
Born merely to endeavor day and night
Born to bring smiles but not to cherish one for her self
Born to endure every pressure with open arms and smiling face
Born to take care of every parasite enjoying in the family
Born to cook delectable cuisines to satiate the hungry souls
If she is all in one
If she is a versatile genius
If she is deft in performing multifarious roles
If she is dexterous in garbing different subject positions
If she is the heart throb among the chauvinistic male fraternity
If she is the incarnation of the Gods and Goddesses
If she is a complete whole
Then why still
A female is a non-entity
Mere piece of furniture
Decked up with a hypocrite smile
Unable to exercise her own self
Falling short in not using her hard earned resources
I implore every individual to ponder over the following feminine concerns-
When will the revolution occur in the life of a female?
Who will bring the change for a female for the better?
When will this poor soul seek dignity in a male dominated society?
When can this beautiful creation live her life the way she wants to?
F- Fortunate
E- Elegant
M- Motherly
Let this impeccable beauty be blessed with bundle of Joy!



He is an important persona.
He is- who is omnipresent,
and makes me feel special.
He is- who is outstandingly unique,
that nobody can ever beat.
He is- who rings the bells of my heart,
with a dart.
He is an important persona.
He is- who possesses comforting,
words to soothe me.
He is- who has the smoothness,
of the dark chocolate.
He is- whose silence is even,
He is an important persona.
He is- whose eyes are the deep down,
ocean of romance.
He is- whom a chick like me,
can count upon.
He is the love in my thought,
the best thing I have got.
He is an important persona.
He is the poetry of my tear,
explains it very clear.
He is the person of motivation.
comes in every combination.
He is who makes my nerve tingle,
when I with you mingle.
He is an important persona.
His love is a big part,
of the memories of my heart.
His love for me it serves,
comes alive as perks.
His eye I meet on the way,
tells we’ll meet one day.
He is an important persona.
He is whose breath is missing,
but I hope it is a blessing.
He is one life to live,
one love to give.
He though a life of thrift,
is my best gift.
He is an important persona.
He believes life is fun,
when we act like one.
He is- whose only welcome gift,
gives me a lift.
He gives me a pump, “If English has a future,
I need YOU as a teacher”.
He is an important persona.
My love is empty and bare,
without you around me to care.
I hope your listening ear,
will soon appear.

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