Winter-Witters ..!! / Poems by Monika Ajay Kaul

Poems by Monika Ajay Kaul
Winter-Witters ..!!
The gleam goes blurred on lampposts
in the see-through falling snow ;
no more alabaster Orb of the night
embellishes the dark sky.
The snowflakes come swanking
through the cold air ;
hiding pavements and bylanes
in quilts, undyed.
An unconcluded canvas
the snowscape looks like.
A flawless white, as if
awaiting some creators’ intervene.
Dawn-light continues assaying,
coping through the cheerless cloud.
Still not so feeble and timid
as not to call a morning.
The air in winter has its chill to sting,
but even the coldest nights
give way to an aura so bright.
The snow has a probity.
Yes..Truely is Said,
“Winter is a Wonderland..!”

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