A Bleeding Wound / Ade Caparas


A Bleeding Wound

how much rain has to fall
how many winter spring summer and fall
have to come
before your full moon engulfs me

this same spot, my love… i sit, sipping my coffee
my eyes my eyes are weary
my hair has ruffled
encore… sans vous [still without you]

a rain storm, a flooded road… enhance the fiery thunder
blazing raging heat inside the stranded car
and an alternating moans cries whispers
compete with the raging
thunder and lightning.

i… a turquoise wild lily of the valley
struggle, hide my sadness, an infant cries for mother’s breast
food-hunger for love… a toddler’s tantrum for a toy
i, ruined by no less than me, adolescent’s craves for caprices
now… i shout a mature howl, a bleeding wound!


_ade caparas manilah
saturday 9:07 pm 16 december 2017
sydney nsw australia


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