Elizabeth Ongpauco

Elizabeth Ongpauco
Elizabeth Ongpauco’s job as a senior management consultant at times,
experience stress and tension when trying to meet the demands of well known figures in the public sector.
Often under pressure and constantly on tight schedules, hence, one way of escape aside from travelling is composing and reciting her poems over cups of tea. She believes poetry is like flour that turns to delicacies like Roti, Bread, and Cakes.
Once tasted, one’s taste buds react and its microscopic hairs called the microvilli send signals to the brain if the taste is sweet, sour, bitter, salty or poor taste.
And, truly with poetry ..
Her own page , @eongpaucouk ,
her TICKLE POETRY remains alive.
She has contributed to successful Anthologies across the pond.
And, in her facebook account although unfortunately has limited friends’ list, are her long titled poems that walk the earth.
She receives likes and reviews from renowned , proficient, masterhand poets and friends all over the world .
Surely, they lift her heart and soul.
Paddle left, right then left, hurdle bend the throttle
White-water rafting, the risks to navigate a river
Moving water can offer perils, O leap in the dark
From simple to very grievous serious distress
The toughest rapids similar to life’s motley tests
Huge waves, huge rocks, the hazards the impact
The intensity may be forceful, you and the river
Many treacherous sections out there, go ! toddle
Grumble, growl and croak but never surrender
Nor leave the safety of the secure storm cellar
Since life delivers some great thrills and throbs!
Elizabeth Ongpauco
All Rights Reserved
© UK 2017
I walked into the woods, I had a mulling over
To endure without you, I understand at length
How the game works, the griffin did awaken
In correct tempo the balloon shall force open
It took awhile to read your mind hard row to hoe
We’ll never end up on one side, north and south
You’re a million steps away from me, I accept
Your jokes are true O bullet ride!
Hell to heaven
I’ll locate a billet just right for my heart no matter
It’s nightide!
A nine month behind time farewell
You don’t know how to love on a cold day in hell!
Elizabeth Ongpauco
All Rights Reserved
© UK 2017

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