Poems by Neelam Malik

Poems by Neelam Malik



I wish in the wee hours
In the fresh minds
Some positivity grasp my men
Forever and forever
Let them leave these trodden steps
Orchards of fruition till their minds
Let organic seeds of love puerile
Enter in the labyrinth of mundane hides
One day let me sing carols in the tides
Let us all arise
And shine in peace.


My Men Arise

Stony is the psychological man
Brains are washed away without spiritual bent
Wasteland and the serpentine curves
Bow before the satanic calls.

Weeds are in your nerves
And you term yourself man
The sages are lost today
Power to the devastating and downtrodden effects
Cold wars ,gorilla wars
Everwhere the havoc rules
Turmoils and topsy turvy all around
Pell mell the pools of violence
Volcanic eruptions in the cells and tissues
Loveless is this temple today
Where to survive and how to climb?

As a man thinketh,he becomes
To and fro are the mercenaries here
Relations have perished
And money the crusader
In the arms and in their vicinity
My men arise and save the earth.



In these worldly shadows
Tears and tears roll down
Gumut of emotions on the floor
Chilled are the memories of fraternity
How could they be inhumane?
Is life a substitute for money?
I pray to make man anti _money
And save so many lives
No murders, no cheating on the cross
Yesteryears love –a glacier turned
Angelic showers,positive vibes
Can thou be man’s fragrance?
And we live in peace forever
No more wailings here.


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