Poems by Uzma Parveen

Poems by Uzma Parveen
I have become a drifter
I am drifting away from everything that I used to claim to be mine, where I wished to be among,
I don’t know where to stay in the deserts where wishes don’t get fertile soils,
drifting from life, from loved ones, things near to heart
roaming place to place
I found everything destroyed,
I don’t find anything pleasing, nothing my eyes adore, with an absent goal I have become a drifter,
the world seems blind, nothing is in mind nor anything I mind, no memories behind,
the rusty trust and love don’t let anything in, the door for feelings and emotions are closed,
my shoulders got tired carrying the world’s worries, blurred vision in tearful eyes, the unbearable pain I endure
life becoming cold, rain of griefs on face , a fire inside , thunder in mind and I, on the way unknown,
But one day I will come back
from the thunder and lighting in the sky, with the wind of strong storm, from the stubborn waves of ocean.
O God! the deep faith in you
is the cause of my mirth
and it is by birth
it makes me carefree
from all rumors
and flatteries.
I know you know me
my hidden feelings
and desires
that I try to hide even from me and others
I know you will not
let me fall
in miseries and troubles
you always strengthen me
bless me with ocean of patience
yes now I am introvert
towards the ill world
I am carefree
from what people
say of me.
The unshaken faith in you
will never turn my eyes in blue
my heart whispers
a very big thank you
and yes it is true
My beloved pen
when I am restless
when I feel powerless
I desire to meet you
yes it is true
I miss you when I am sad
I do not forget when I am glad
without you I am helpless
without you I am nothing I guess
please don’t ever ignore me
without you I can’t be
you take me to the heaven
yes, O my beloved pen.
@Uzma Parveen

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